ABS full form

What is full form of ABS?

ABS: Anti-lock Braking System

It is a protective and anti-skid safety system supplied in automobiles. ABS is being used on land vechiles cars, bikes, trucks and even in aircrafts. It prevents the wheels from locking up and diving when breaks are applied during an emergency stop. This system allows the wheel tyres to maintain contact with the road. When you encounter an unforeseen inhibition and apply breaks the wheel don’t cinch up and auto moves in the direction of the bus as turned by the driver so that it doesn’t crash into the inhibition.

Other ABS meaning

Term Definition Category
ABS Anti Lock Braking System Automobiles
ABS American Bladesmith Society Other
ABS Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Business Product
ABS Automated Beam Steering Military and Defence
ABS Associate In Business Science Educational Degree
ABS Anything But Soaps Texting
ABS air base survivability Government
ABS Absolute Mathematics
ABS Anti Bolt Stick Sports
ABS Audible Brake System Funny
ABS Absorbance Physics
ABS Antilock Braking System Electronics
ABS Accounting and Billing System Accounts and Finance
ABS Abu Simbel Airport Code
ABS Action Battle System Military and Defence
ABS Automated Briefing System Military and Defence
ABS Automatic Blip Scan Electronics
ABS Associate In Business Studies Educational Degree
ABS Army Broadcasting Service Government
ABS Air Base Simulator Military and Defence
ABS Anti Burst System Military and Defence
ABS Abu Simbel airport Regional Airport Code
ABS Asset-backed Security Stock Exchange
ABS Alternative Business Structure Accounts and Finance
ABS Atlantic Base Section Military and Defence
ABS After Body Section Space Science
ABS Absorb Hospital
ABS Active Battle System Sports
ABS Association pour le Bien-etre Social Organization
ABS Able Bodied Seaman Military and Defence
ABS Accelerated Bachelor of Science Educational Degree
ABS Arch Build System Other
ABS American Board of Surgery Hospital
ABS Anglo-Brazilian Society Organization
ABS Absent University
ABS Abstract Media
ABS Asset- Backed Security Business
abs Audited Balance Sheet Banking
ABS American Bible Society Non-Profit Organization
ABS American Bureau of Shipping Transportation
ABS Albertson’s, Inc. NYSE Symbol
ABS Associate In Baccalaureate Studies Educational Degree
ABS Automatic Backup System Computer Hardware
ABS Air Breathing System Space Science
ABS Air Base Supply Space Science
ABS Air Base Security Military and Defence
ABS Asset Backed Securities Stock Exchange
ABS Automated Bond System Stock Exchange
ABS Antenna Base Spring Military and Defence
ABS American Begonia Society Botany
ABS air base squadron Government
ABS Advanced Battle Simulation Military and Defence
ABS Anti-lock Braking System Military
ABS Absender German
ABS ABOHAR Indian Railway Station
ABS Alkyl Benzenesulfonate Chemistry
ABS Asha Bikash Society Organization
ABS arterial blood sampling British Medicine
ABS Anti Burn Shield Space Science
ABS Abstracts (info File) File Type
ABS Albino BlackSheep Internet Slang
ABS automated bid set Government
ABS address book synchronization Government
ABS Another Buyer Surcharge Funny
ABS Airport Base Station Computer Hardware
ABS Antilock Brake System University
ABS Abscissa Data File File Type
ABS Automatic Brightness Stabilization Electronics
ABS Association for Baha’I Studies Organization
ABS Active Bitter Supplement Funny
ABS Absorbed Laboratory
ABS American Bidding for Street names Funny
ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics Government
ABS Anti Blockier System Business Product