OTT full Form

What is OTT full Form?

OTT Platform Full form is ‘Over the Top’, which refers to TV and film content that can be viewed using the internet connection instead of satellite service or cable connection. OTT is a streaming media service that directly reaches viewers through the Internet. This means that the content of television and film is available to us directly through the Internet on our mobile, computer or TV.

Some of the famous OTT platforms are YouTube, MX Player, Prime Videos, Netflix, SonyLIV, etc. can be eith paid or free of cost. The user can can watch movies, series, TV shows and and other form of content according to their wish.

Since OTT is a relatively new form of content distribution platform, it seems that there is a huge amount of growth potential and opportunity for the content providers. Lots of companies are entering the OTT space, leading to a wide variety of options for consumers, and increasing quantities of ad inventory for marketers. As more and more people are get aware about OTT pltform the demand for online media consumption has been increased considerably. It is the matter of time to see that how marketers can take advantage of these platforms and gain their market share.

What is OTT marketing?

Many OTT services operate on a paid subscription basis, but a large number also run advertisements — or offer tiered packages that allow users to either pay for ad-free experiences. OTT marketing is much like legacy media advertising, usually taking place between songs or episodes, but it is delivered through the streaming media on OTT platforms.

There are two main types of OTT marketing set-ups, client-side and service-side. In a client-side setup, the viewport for the streaming media loads the ad before the episode or film is shown. In a server-side ad insertion, the ad is integrated seamlessly into the frames of the media, meaning it is not possible to ad-block. However, it is a much more technically challenging proposition to support server-side ad insertion, so it is still relatively uncommon.