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Oxford, MS, November 21, 2023 –(PR.com)– The Anonymous Screen Team, the creative development arm of 3times.org, has announced its 2024 development slate.

The Ioanes, a coming-of-age father-son comedy set in Wellington, New Zealand, in the seventies, is the first feature film in three film series.

Se’i Faga, which translates from Samoan as Gunslinger, is the story of a stowaway from Western Samoa in the late 1800s who comes to America to track down a family heirloom stolen by German prospectors who occupied Samoa at the time.

K1SSER, a short film about a cop with a dysfunctional relationship with his mother, uncovers evidence that could clear his twin brother on death row for the serial killings of seven women, is also on the slate.

Meantime, Door Ajar, the biopic about African American artist M.B. Mayfield is still in development.

All titles in development by The Anonymous Screen Team are:

Se’i Faga: Set in the late 1800s, a Samoan stowaway turns gunslinger in the American South to recover a family heirloom stolen by German prospectors.

Last Chance : Based on the book series “Order of Magic” by NYT bestselling author Michelle M. Pillow, Last Chance is the story of three forty-something women who bond over their trauma and are empowered as a result in this small-town paranormal dramedy.

The Ioanes: Wellington, New Zealand, 1972. For his seventh birthday, Iakopo rides along with his taxi driver dad Kalei, who is trying to earn $150 for a fa’alavelave (funeral) in Samoa and experiences the nightlife and all its creatures, including an escaped convict.

Johnny Kash: When Johnny, a rugby player from Samoa, is mysteriously recruited from obscurity by a patriarchal college football coach in the U.S. he must navigate the fallout when the coach is suddenly accused of hazing and match-fixing.

The Part Timer (Working Title): In 1988, Iakopo Ioane (20s), a NZ-born Samoan seeking a fresh start, flees to Sydney, Australia. But when the talented rugby player tries out for a professional Rugby League club and gets in, new challenges arise from the company he keeps, not to mention his past.

Driver 4 Hire (Working Title): When a fourteen-year-old has to drive his dad home from a pub, they take a detour that they can never return from.

Guiopera: As part of his therapy, an ex-CIA contractor suffering from Truman Show syndrome is required to keep a journal. As it turns out, the dyslexic high school dropout has a talent for poetry that gains him an online following rivaling his delusions.

K1SSER (Short): A cop with a dysfunctional relationship with his mother uncovers evidence that could clear his twin brother on death row for the serial killings of seven women.

Opiod Cowboy: A woman lives to tell the tale of how she married two Appalachian brothers, both Iraq vets with PTSD, who pushed drugs during the opioid crisis-one for the cartel, the other for big pharma.

Jack Rogers: In this dark romantic dramedy with action, an unlikely couple brings out the worst and then the best in each other.

Door Ajar: The true story of an African American janitor who, in 1949, during Jim Crow segregation, learned art through a door ajar at the University of Mississippi.

York’s Story: A freedman at the end of the American Civil War must evade a corrupt sheriff and his KKK posse when falsely accused of murder.

Lazoo: An idiosyncratic hitman who grows a conscience when his girlfriend invites him home to meet her parents for Christmas comes full circle later in life when he’s presented with the chance to meet the mastermind of his misery.

Serial Cold Case: Days before a damning TV show about her deceased stepfather airs, a woman of color from Louisiana heads north to meet an unsuspecting single dad she met online.