8ghtX Enters Real Estate Sales Space – PR.com


Palm Beach Gardens, FL, March 31, 2024 –(PR.com)– 8ght Companies CEO Craig Shawn Williamson today announced the company’s delivery of 8ght, the financial lifestyle management community center for all our members entered the real estate sales space in 2024.

“8ghX is not just another payment platform, rather it is high touch tech for our members, investors, vacation home buyers and now, Realtors,” said Williamson, “enabling centralized, personalized, and simplified control over their finances and the power tool to grow income, savings, and total purchase process from deposit to close, and payment of commissions all in one easy to use mobile app.”

Coming quickly is the addition of user driven syndication and fractional formation and sales all within the 8ghtX app. These are areas with literally no innovation in 30 years. “We already have fractional vacation resorts lined up to utilize our app.” Adds Mr. Williamson, “This innovation will change the landscape in vacation fractional and group sales for both the seller and buyer processes.”

8ghtX is designed to work for users by delivering an online community of services within the atmosphere of learning, fun, travel, property ownership, giving and now real estate listing sales and earning. The mobile app, developed over 2 years, has seen rapid growth in 2024 with over $24 million in sales in Q1.

From Derek Carlson, Top 100 Real Estate Company CEO and EghtX user, “As the owner of a large real estate company in Florida, with a track record of successfully closing over 30,000 properties, I can confidently say that the future of real estate transactions is here, and it’s embodied in the revolutionary 8ghtX app. Gone are the days of antiquated processes and lengthy transaction times.”

Mr. Carlson adds, “With 8ghtX, the entire real estate journey transforms into a seamless and efficient experience. From property selection to contract signing, and even tracking earned commissions, every step is effortlessly integrated into one user-friendly platform.”

About 8ght. 8ght is a group of companies that include Fintech and Resort Development and located in the Bahamas and United States. The founder and owner, Craig Shawn Williamson, is also the founder of the Craig Shawn Williamson Foundation, a global child hunger organization.