A 1000 Day Musical Educational Campaign Covering 300+ Cities is Set to Take off by Pranshu Arora


In the 1000-day educational musical initiative of Inspire the Nation 2.0, Pranshu Arora of Faridabad aims to inspire the country’s youth to follow their passion. The campaign covers 300+ cities starting on 24th Jan 2024 and ending on 20th Oct 2026.

Pranshu Arora 

The journey will begin in his hometown, Faridabad, and will cover every other city from Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Bangalore, and Chandigarh to Kashmir, Ladakh, and North East and South India.

The initiative is segregated into two action plans. Firstly, seminars on career counselling will be delivered across different schools, colleges, and other higher educational institutions. Secondly, the focus will be on unveiling the youth’s undiscovered and hidden musical talents, leading them to live up to their dreams.

In the press conference, Pranshu said that he is passionate about reviving Bharat’s true potential through guidance and music and curating Bharat’s digital assets, in simpler terms – Made in India for the world. He shared his concerns about showing the right direction to the children of our country and helping them achieve their dreams in whatever little way he could. He has been actively connecting with students and has delivered more than 2000+ sessions across 40+ cities, providing valuable guidance and answering their concerns.

To inspire the youth and learn from his last India trip, which started on 31st March 2022 and ended on 10th July 2022, he performed across 65 cities and did 75 performances to celebrate India’s 75th Independence Day. Since 31st December 2021, he has been persistently performing for free after his office hours and providing opportunities to more than 1000+ People to jam and share their musical talent with the world.

It was his dedication and commitment to connecting and inspiring the youth and exploring the never-ending world of music that pushed him to perform on the street after 9 hours of work.

He started a Digital Marketing Agency, Digii Vistta Private Limited. As CEO of the company, he is helping educational institutes transform themselves digitally according to the NAAC and NIRF framework, wherein the objective lies in uplifting the digital content infrastructure and student initiative in a collaborative way to represent higher educational institutions.

He has been involved in the higher education space since 2013. For the past decade, his biggest achievement has been transformation and change of the logo of his College, B.S. Anangpuria Educational Institutes.

His second arm of care is today’s youth. According to him, it is crucial to encourage the youth to discover their inherent potential, skills, and expertise and transform that into a fulfilling career, thereby contributing to the pride and prosperity of making our nation – Bharat proud!

He has personally crafted a unique career counselling mechanism at First Edu India Limited, where the unlimited possibility for youth is shared to nurture their skill set in curricular and extracurricular opportunities. Keeping full faith in students’ inborn potential, he devised the same based on 5 Career dimensions: Personality, Aptitude, Interest, Emotional Quotient and Orientation style.

On top of all, his dream started in 2009 with the thought that there is a rock star in every one of us; he began Rockerzzz Inc. He failed three times, shut the company and started again. Rockerzzz’s aim during the journey is to provide an opportunity for Bharat Musicians to monetise their talent and give a message to today’s parents: make your kids learn music, making Rockerzzz committed to offering employment opportunities to the young talents of this nation.

He wishes to share five messages with today’s youth. To inculcate that, he composed and wrote five songs mentioned below: 

Made in India for the World: Manamarziayaa

Follow Your Passion: Yeh Kahani Hai

Education: Replace Marks with Experience: Udane Do

Maybe Love is the Only Answer: Achanak Kya Hua

Don’t run for success; Run for excellence: Safar

He will also be launching an Album, Inspire The Nation 2.0, soon on YouTube.

At the conference, he also emphasised that to bring every other musician or musical enthusiast together, he has created a digitalised indigenous platform for it, named BHARAT Marketplace for Musicians. The Marketplace invites gig musicians, platform musicians, and other musical enthusiasts to monetise their skills as well as add value to the nation.

Additionally, working towards addressing a critical challenge in the present Digital Assets Marketplace where international images dominate, he has given shape to the BHARAT Digital Assets Marketplace. It offers unique and exclusive BHARAT stock images from every nook and corner of the country.

In the end, his concluding remarks were, “To make Inspire the Nation 2.0 a national movement, we are collaborating and inviting sponsors at every level of our interaction. We want all of you to join hands in this benevolent movement and do our best to make this life count so that your contribution echoes throughout the world.”

Inspire the Nation 2.0 proudly announces First Edu India Limited as the Career Partner and Digii Vista Pvt Limited  as the Digital Marketing Partner. It is inspired by Kalinga University and powered by Rockerzzz Inc, which aims to create a force for an empowering journey.