A New Milestone in a1qa’s Contribution to QA Community: 20,000+ Unique LinkedIn Followers – PR.com


Lakewood, CO, May 25, 2024 –(PR.com)– a1qa is delighted to announce that the total number of its LinkedIn followers has exceeded 20,000. This milestone reflects the relevance and value of the company’s posts, which include our news, tech podcasts, QA tips, interviews with top managers, and highlights of company events. These contributions help the QA community achieve their goals and stay ahead in a highly competitive market.

The company cares about its continuously evolving network, supports its representatives along the way, and provides them with professional QA knowledge, opinions, and insights into the benefits of unprejudiced quality assurance activities for releasing sound software solutions and continuously meeting end-user expectations.

Furthermore, the company will continue to invest its efforts into disseminating the value of unbiased quality assurance for outmaneuvering market competition and releasing failsafe software, which means that new beneficial content is on its way.

Dima Tish, Head of global business development at a1qa, provides his opinion on this accomplishment, “This achievement, which I’m sure isn’t the last one, showcases our continuous contribution to the development of the QA industry. We are pleased to unite like-minded QA professionals and all other people who grasp the magnitude of software testing activities. To help them attain desired business objectives with QA, we, among other things, will continue crafting unique, useful content on on demand QA topics, such as the implementation of advanced technologies, cloud migration, business continuity, and others.”

About a1qa

With 20+ years of successful software testing and QA, a1qa has been serving global companies of diverse size in building or enhancing QA workflows, undergoing complex transformations, embedding sought-after methodologies, and integrating complex QA solutions for their mission-critical objectives. The company’s 1,000+ dedicated QA engineers, architects, and managers have already performed 1,500+ projects across IT, fintech, gaming, eHealth, eCommerce, and other industries. In addition to in-depth software testing, a1qa helps its clientele cut testing time, scale down QA costs, and improve CX. The company’s workflows are aligned with ISO 9001/27001/14001 standards.