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Boise, ID, February 01, 2024 –(– EETech, a leading authority in the electronics and media sector, proudly announces the release of its highly anticipated annual Engineering Insights Report (EIR), now in its 7th year, receiving more than 10,000 qualified responses. The EIR is back with a wealth of data providing invaluable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of the electronics industry. EETech partnered with the Electronic Component Industry Association (ECIA) to assist in creating and analyzing the survey.

To truly understand the intricate workings of engineers, EETech delves beyond conventional assumptions, exploring how they consume information, make purchasing decisions, adopt AI in their design process, and more.

Building upon the success of the Global Engineering Research Study, originating in 2017, EETech has continued to leverage the openness of engineers who willingly share their needs, opinions, and goals. This ongoing collaboration has allowed EETech to gain extraordinary insights into the industry, with each passing year offering more nuanced details.

In a groundbreaking move for 2023, EETech collaborated with over 400 engineers from Mainland China, providing region-specific insights that add a new dimension to the report.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the key findings from this year’s report:

Simulation Tools Reign Supreme: The study reveals that simulation tools are identified as the most crucial digital design tools that manufacturers can provide engineers.
AI Adoption in Design: Both Career Pro and Next Gen engineers are predominantly leveraging AI in the conceptual design phase, showcasing a forward-looking approach to technology integration.
Vendor List Dynamics: Approximately 23% of engineers rarely, if ever, venture outside their Approved Vendor List (AVL), indicating the significance of established partnerships in the industry.

The data presented in the Engineering Insights Report merely scratches the surface of the comprehensive study conducted by EETech. For those interested in exploring specific insights, utilizing the data in marketing materials, or collaborating on bespoke research studies, EETech invites you to contact us at

EETech remains committed to empowering the electronics industry with knowledge that drives innovation and shapes the future. The 2023 EIR stands as a testament to EETech’s dedication to providing actionable insights for industry professionals.

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