Aeropay and UBank Join Forces to Revolutionize Gaming Payments

CHICAGO and DALLAS, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Aeropay, a leading payments technology company, and UBank, a Texas-based community-focused financial institution, have announced a strategic collaboration to revolutionize financial services in gaming. This innovative alliance aims to simplify in-game payments, enhance compliance, and expand total reach. Together, Aeropay and UBank address the intricate payment challenges in the modern gaming ecosystem. Both entities are focused on streamlining the deposit and withdrawal experience, fortifying compliance protocols as well as broadening their respective U.S. footprint.

Aeropay specializes in providing customized payment solutions for businesses in multiple industries taking a compliance-first approach to payment processing in the gaming industry. Aeropay enables operators the best money movement experience with risk-managed deposits, instant withdrawals, and a homegrown bank connection experience (Aerosync) designed for each vertical. 

UBank stands out as a pioneer, embodying modern and progressive thinking in its operations; firmly positioning a relationship-driven focus in today’s evolving financial environment.

UBank’s ethos, rooted in the belief that banking is fundamentally about the people, complements Aeropay’s vision of commitment to genuine connection. UBank knows that creative innovation is a key indicator of success in the current banking landscape. UBank’s teamwork with Aeropay helps cement them as an innovator in the space.

Daniel Muller, CEO of Aeropay, expressed excitement, stating, “Our shared commitment to addressing the unique challenges of the gaming industry will undoubtedly set a new standard, offering operators and developers tailored, sophisticated payment solutions that will redefine the landscape.”

Justin Armstrong, UBank President, shares his vision: “Our collaboration with Aeropay is a testament to UBank’s adaptive spirit and commitment to the evolving financial landscape. While we hold our community banking values dear, we also recognize that it’s imperative to innovate.”

Armstrong continues, “Together with Aeropay, we’re pioneering solutions that cater to the unique needs of the gaming industry. Our joint mission is clear: to prioritize relationships, serve our communities better, and keep our finger on the pulse of technological advancements. We are excited to present this collaboration at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas October 9-12.”

PrizePicks, a notable player in the gaming arena as the largest fantasy sports operator in North America, has benefited significantly from its own partnership with Aeropay. The collaboration between PrizePicks and Aeropay represents a significant stride in the gaming industry, elevating the player experience through speed, security, and accessibility. With Aeropay’s revolutionary payment system, PrizePicks helps to set the standard for financial interactions within the fantasy sports industry.

To learn more about Aeropay’s innovative payment solutions and what they can do for companies in the gaming industry, please visit Aeropay’s website.

To learn more about UBank’s innovative product offering and relationship banking initiative, please visit UBank’s website.

SOURCE Aeropay