AetherX Inc. Introduces the RAYD8 Scalar Rejuvenation App –

Langley, Canada, June 06, 2024 –(– AetherX Inc., a company based in western Canada has launched a new mobile web application known as RAYD8, available on both Google Play and the Apple Store. This app helps to improve the physical, emotional and mental wellness of any user that uses this unique technology. The RAYD8 app contains a free version that AetherX remarks as the “skeleton version” of this technology. Users can also purchase a Premium version of the app at a cost of $33 USD that contains a wider variety of benefits as it offers more options to rejuvenate the millivoltage capacity of cells, and influences a relaxed and calm demeanor encouraging restfulness within the user.

Developing an app that is calibrated to work with the subtle energies that surround us to improve overall wellness has been the mission of AetherX Inc., operated by its creator and director, Brad Johnson. RAYD8 enables anyone of any age group to enjoy the mystical effects of this unique RAYD8 app, to improve their overall physical and mental conditions in a positive way.

The RAYD8 app is intricately designed on metaphysical levels involving transcendental meditation and imbuing pure states of thought intention into the symbols and graphics upon the app’s user interface. The director of AetherX Inc., Brad Johnson, ensures that the creation of this app has nothing to do with religious or spiritual beliefs of any kind, but a mobile app that offers subtle energy science involving the use of Scalar: A balancing universal energy that resides all around us, but is only measurable through voltage. Mr. Johnson states that this is the rejuvenation benefit that operates through the RAYD8 app to improve the condition of the body’s cells and encourages a relaxed state of mind.

“I have studied alternative energy sciences and modalities for 16 years from all over the world. The RAYD8 app is the accumulation of this work that I have worked with people individually for years helping them to improve the vitality and well-being within themselves. This is not a medical technology, nor is it a placebo effect. It is a measurable tool that works with energetics that we are not commonly familiar with in this modern age; but this energy exists all around us. Nikola Tesla once said that if we want to know the secrets of the universe to explore frequency, energy, and vibration. This is the epitome of everything that the RAYD8 app stands for – the usability of subtle energy systems directed towards a human body receiving the energy it needs improving its condition physically and mentally.”

Key features of the RAYD8 mobile app

· Unlimited use of the Free version of RAYD8 without creating a user account.
· Optional audio soundtrack within the Free version that contains Scalar technology within the calming music.
· Option to purchase and download the Premium version of RAYD8 for a one-time purchase price of $33 USD.
· Premium version of RAYD8 includes an attractive interface involving created symbols to deliver Scalar technology within the energy field of the user directly encouraging increased wellness.
· Sign-ins that require no passwords once the Premium version has been purchased and installed.
· The RAYD8 app can be installed across multiple mobile devices using the same user account.
· Different video speeds of the RAYD8 interface can be selected to offer unique differences in the “metabolizing” and “absorption” of the Scalar technology: from super-fast to super-slow scrolling speeds.

About AetherX Inc.

AetherX Inc. was founded in January of 2023 and offers a variety of unique metaphysical products to help improve overall well-being to its customers. For more information on its newest RAYD8 product, visit