AI Content Isn’t Enough to Rank, Content Strategists Need More Than Tech, According to New Report from Obsidian Identity –

Memphis, TN, June 15, 2024 –(– Founder of the content and design agency Obsidian Identity, Kelsey Ray, published an eye-opening report, When AI Doesn’t Rank, that shows that only 0.46% of collected links ranking in the top 10 results for their keyword were 100% likely to be AI-written.

This 10-page report investigates the effect of AI content on Google rankings with a review of 300 keywords related to B2B wealth management, remittances, payments, and consumer finance information and their top 10 links before and after the March update. The AI-likelihood of each link was checked against multiple AI-detection services.

After the update, almost half of the results that were 70% or more likely to be AI moved down, and 25.32% of AI-likely results were removed from the top 10.

This independent report also includes feedback from content creators and marketers on their use of AI, as well as best practices for leveraging this technology

The findings highlight that while AI isn’t going away, it isn’t in itself a solution to improved SEO content. For example, 90% of content writers and marketers said they use AI in their process. They listed artificial intelligence’s primary benefits as:

– Streamlined content production (63.6%)
– Additional editing (45.5%)
– Content repurposing (45.5%)

Read the full report and adjacent research into AI and content creation on Kelsey’s professional website,

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