Al B. Venable Jr’s New Book, “Alexander, The Spartan General: The Battle of Troy: Book 1,” Follows a Spartan General as He Leads His Army Towards Victory and Glory –

Petersburg, VA, January 04, 2024 –(– Fulton Books author Al B. Venable Jr, who has been writing since a very young age, has completed his most recent book, “Alexander, The Spartan General: The Battle of Troy: Book 1”: a gripping tale of a Spartan general who recounts his heroic deeds that lead to his rise within the army as well as his various accomplishments as general as he fights to return home to his beloved family.

Born in Petersburg, Virginia in 1987, author Al B. Venable Jr developed a deep love for writing in his early years. In 2013, he published his very first book, “Captain Tom, The Sea Adventurer.” The author now focuses on faith, family, and writing, and there is no question that writing has helped him to learn to write and grown in his deep passion since 1996 when he was only nine years old. Currently, he is working on other fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and children projects.

“In this short historical fiction story, a Spartan general, Alexander, and his fellow Greeks set sail towards Troy,” writes Venable Jr. “And as he does, he writes down everything that he is seeing, but he also relives them as it happens. He writes them to his wife and two children. At first, he wasn’t a general. He was only one of the low ranking in the Spartan army. But he rose through the ranks by proving himself worthy before the kings and those over him. Yet Troy will be the beginning of Alexander’s adventure. He will embark on many missions which kings of Greece and powerful men will send him all over the Mediterranean Sea. Alexander will encounter a sea monster, which throughout the series he will encounter many monsters on his voyage. Alexander doesn’t have to do this alone. He has friends. Those who are with him like King Odysseus, and a very close friend who also rise through the ranks as he did, Phillip and with his friends, he finds courage as he thinks of seeing his family again.”

Published by Fulton Books, Al B. Venable Jr’s book will take readers on a magnificent journey as Alexander leads his men into countless dangers to overcome the odds to fight for their families and country. Expertly paced and full of suspense, Venable Jr weaves an unforgettable epic that’s sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats with each turn of the page, right up until the very end.

Readers who wish to experience this exhilarating work can purchase “Alexander, The Spartan General: The Battle of Troy: Book 1” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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