Allos Pharma Inc. Expands Intellectual Property Rights for Arbaclofen

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Allos Pharma Inc. (“Allos”), a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development of treatments for rare neurological disorders, announced today that it has expanded its intellectual property rights with a new patent family. A new patent family was filed to the United States Patent Trademark & Office earlier in 2023. This new patent family comes in addition to an existing granted patent family.

Allos also announces today the worldwide exclusive rights to granted patents and clinical programs for arbaclofen in further indications, including Autism Spectrum Disorder. This is in addition to the current Fragile X Syndrome development program, for which there are no approved medications, and where arbaclofen has Orphan Drug Designation.

“This license builds upon the progress in our Fragile X Syndrome program, where we have achieved alignment with the fragile X community and the FDA on the design of the confirmatory Phase 3 clinical trial. We are excited to have the rights to develop arbaclofen in additional indications as clear efficacy signals were observed in recent trials in individuals with idiopathic Autism Spectrum Disorder.” said Dr. Randall Carpenter, MD, co-founder of Allos Pharma Inc.

In May 2023, the results of two autism studies, in Canada (n=90) and EU (n=122), were presented at the annual meeting of the International Society for Autism Research. The two studies had nearly identical protocols and endpoints. Improvement was seen in both studies on the primary endpoint (Socialization Domain, Vineland-3) but did not reach statistical significance. Nominally significant improvements were seen in one or both studies on other measures of social skill (Social Responsiveness Scale, Aberrant Behavior Checklist-Social Withdrawal, Autism Impact Measure). A subject-level meta-analysis is planned.

“We remain committed to providing new treatment options for patients and families affected by Fragile X Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder, and we believe that arbaclofen has the potential to make a significant, positive impact on their lives.” Dr. Randall Carpenter, MD, co-founder of Allos Pharma Inc

About Allos Pharma Inc.

Allos Pharma Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of treatments for rare neurological disorders. Allos’ investigational drug, arbaclofen, is currently in development for the treatment of Fragile X Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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