An Innovative Solution for Individual Foot Health – Start-Up Sooley Develops First Home-Based 3D Foot Scanner for Smartphones –

Berlin, Germany, February 17, 2024 –(– Sooley Launches Innovative 3D Foot Scanning App with Complimentary Professional Analysis

Sooley, a visionary South German start-up, introduces a groundbreaking 3D foot scanning app, addressing the widespread issue of foot misalignment and pain. This innovative app, designed for iPhone users, allows for easy, at-home 3D foot scans, revolutionizing foot health care.

From Personal Pain to Innovative Solution

Co-founders Sanya Zillich and Jakob Raible, inspired by their struggles with foot discomfort and expertise in 3D technology, launched Sooley in 2018. The app simplifies foot scanning using the iPhone’s 3D sensor, enabling users to generate detailed foot images. “We aimed to create a tool that is so simple and enjoyable that anyone can use it,” explains Zillich.

Professional Insight at Your Fingertips

Sooley’s app provides not just convenience but also precision. Acknowledging the importance of expert analysis, Sooley now offers free video foot assessments by a German podiatrist, ensuring personalized and professional care.

A Sustainable Approach to Foot Health

Sooley stands out for its environmentally conscious production. The custom insoles are 3D printed, cutting down waste by approximately 70% compared to traditional methods. The company’s focus on sustainability is matched by its commitment to expanding its product range to meet the needs of athletes, including runners and cyclists.

Global Impact and Future Aspirations

Endorsed by orthopedic specialists like Andreas Lernbass, the app is praised for its transformative impact on personalized foot care. Sooley’s approach also offers significant benefits in regions with limited medical facilities, broadening access to expert foot care.

Collaborations and Growth

Sooley is actively extending its reach, collaborating with industry players globally, and continuously seeking new partnerships. “Our goal is to enhance foot health worldwide,” shares Zillich.

Sooley’s innovative app marks a new era in foot health, blending technology with expert care to improve global well-being.