Andrew Oghena, Ph.D.’s Newly Released “Hail Mary Ever Virgin” is an Articulate Study of the Sanctity of Mary’s Purity –

The Woodlands, TX, November 29, 2023 –(– “Hail Mary Ever Virgin”: a heartfelt celebration of the Virgin Mother. “Hail Mary Ever Virgin” is the creation of published author, Andrew Oghena, Ph.D., a member of the Blue Army and the Knights of Columbus who holds multiple degrees in engineering. Happily married with two beloved children, Oghena now runs his own company after working in the oil industry for over twenty years.

Oghena shares, “Readers, including Christians and non-Christians, will be eager to read this book because of the misconception on the virginity of Mary since this book provides answers using the facts in the Scripture to the question on the virginity of Mary, and it will lead people to the truth that Jesus Christ is the only Son of Mary. It will benefit Catholics to increase their faith based on the fact that Jesus is the only son of Mary and will enlighten other Christians and nonbelievers to have a change of mind and repent from dishonoring the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“This book forcefully and clearly explained the common mistakes that some people make on the perpetual virginity of Mary. People usually recount the Bible, saying that the brothers of Jesus, James, Joses, etc. are mentioned in the Bible; whereas the truth is clear in the scriptures that they are merely close relatives of Jesus.

“Using facts from the Old Testament and in the New Testament, this book clearly repudiated this common error on the assumption about the perpetual virginity of Mary. This approach of using scripture only in a way it has not been used before on this subject will make this book become a classic since it will be referenced for ages to come.

“Using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, I was able to gather facts from the Bible to develop this book that others have not presented previously. In my opinion, this is the first book on the virginity of Mary that outlined several truths contained in the Bible to support this subject. This book does not present truths that are based on tradition. This approach makes it easier for everyone to believe that the facts in this book are from the Bible only but were not made clear to them previously. Since the truths in this book are based on the Bible alone, it will increase the faith of Christians on this subject, providing them with answers that are based on the scriptures. Finally, this book is simply written in few pages so that the readers can quickly read and finish it.

“The reward of Mary accepting to be the mother of God and, consequently, the reward every child of God receives through her can be seen in Wisdom 7:26–27. The Virgin Mary brought great rewards to the wedding at Cana; she is still active today as the new Eve, looking after her children and giving us abundant blessings and God’s favor.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Andrew Oghena, Ph.D.’s new book will challenge misconceptions and promote discussion as readers examine the articulate and carefully researched discussion found within.

Consumers can purchase “Hail Mary Ever Virgin” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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