Announcing 3rd Annual AI for Defense Summit –

Washintgon, DC, July 10, 2024 –(– Defense Strategies Institute is proud to announce the 3rd Annual AI for Defense Summit, occurring this September 11-12 at the National Housing Center in Washington, DC. The 2024 Summit will bring together members of the Department of Defense, military services, federal government, IC, industry, and academia to explore the revolutionary role of artificial intelligence in advancing defense capabilities, generating the decision advantage, accelerating digital transformation, and supporting national security.

In October 2023, the Biden Administration issued landmark Executive Order 14110 to ensure the United States develops safe, secure, and trustworthy artificial intelligence capabilities. The 2024 AI for Defense Summit will explore how DoD is increasingly investing resources to accelerate research and development in AI to maintain our technological edge, strengthen deterrence, and generate decision advantage to support superior battlespace awareness, situational awareness, force planning, and precise kill chains.

The 2024 AI for Defense Summit will feature senior-level speakers including:

– Morgan Adamski, Executive Director, U.S. CYBERCOM
– Schuyler Moore, Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Central Command
– Rachael Martin, Maven Office Director, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
– Justin M. Fanelli, Chief Technology Officer (Acting), Department of the Navy
– Jane Pinelis, PhD, Chief AI Engineer, JHU APL
– Elizabeth Kelly, Director, U.S. AI Safety Institute, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
– Matthew Gaston, PhD, Director, SEI AI Division, CMU
– Thom Kenney, Director, AI and Digital Transformation, Google Public Sector

Topics to be covered at the Summit Include:

– Paving the Way Forward: Accelerating AI Integration in Defense
– Leading the DoD’s Embrace of Artificial Intelligence to Transform Modern Warfare
– Accelerating the DoD’s Adoption of AI to Generate Decision Advantage
– Charting the Intelligence Community’s Way Forward with AI
– Enabling the Whole of Army to Realize the Benefits of AI
– Powering the Air Force’s Digital Transformation with Advancements in AI and Data Analytics
– And much more.

DSI is now welcoming Sponsors and Exhibitors for the forum. To learn more please contact Dudley Duverne, or (201) 987-1803.

Active military and government and state personnel attend complimentary. Those interested in participating in the AI for Defense Summit can visit Defense Strategies Institute’s website at Anyone interested in learning more or sending questions contact Erica Noreika at, 201-896-7802.