Art Beats & Chimpanzee: Uniting Creativity for Conservation –

Chevy Chase, MD, April 14, 2024 –(– A Unique Fusion of Creativity and Conservation
“Art Beats & Chimpanzee” is a groundbreaking campaign inspiring change through art and music. With a targeted goal of £5,000, it supports the artistic community and vital conservation efforts for Sierra Leone’s chimpanzees.

Direct Impact and Tangible Support:
Funds raised will directly contribute to environmental awareness and chimpanzee conservation. “Every contribution, big or small, brings us closer to a sustainable future,” explain the festival organizers. The £5,000 goal supports conservation activities and artist initiatives.

Hear from Those at the Heart of the Movement:
Local artist and conservation advocate, Aminata Bocakarie, shares, “This festival unites voices for our forests’ chimpanzees. Through our art, we inspire change.” Aminata’s work symbolizes art as a beacon for conservation.

Engage, Inspire, and Conserve:
Join this fusion of art, music, and activism. By supporting “Art Beats & Chimpanzee,” you champion a cause beyond the event. Visit Kickstarter to be part of this transformative journey.

About the Freetown Street Art & Music Festival: The festival celebrates creativity, culture, and community in Sierra Leone, promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

For More Information: Visit our crowdfunding page or contact us at