Arturo R. Ortiz’s Newly Released “Defending Your Faith: Facts and Reasons for the Christian Worldview” is a Helpful Resource for Ardent Apologists –

West Melbourne, FL, March 04, 2024 –(– “Defending Your Faith: Facts and Reasons for the Christian Worldview”: a thought-provoking argument for the realities of Christianity. “Defending Your Faith: Facts and Reasons for the Christian Worldview” is the creation of published author, Arturo R. Ortiz, a retired physicist and an aerospace engineer. He earned Master of Science degrees in physics from California State University (Northridge) and in space studies from the University of North Dakota. Arturo served as an Air Force officer in the space and missiles field, as a Navy civilian in cruise missile testing, and as an Air Force civilian in space propulsion and aircraft flight testing. He taught introductory physics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Space Systems Management at Webster University.

Ortiz shares, “This book presents substantial scientific, archaeological, and historical evidence in support of the Christian worldview. The author argues Christianity is the only religion that affirms God as revealed by nature, identifies the terrible predicament of mankind lost in sin, provides a unique solution to the predicament, and is confirmed true by miracles. Classical arguments for the existence of God are presented in detail. Evidence from modern astronomy reveals a cosmos that had an absolute beginning, was stretched, and is decaying. Evidence from modern science reveals the earth is a privileged planet uniquely suited for intelligent life, not by chance but by design. The inadequacies of evolutionary theory are explained. The author argues intelligent design and creation are superior explanations for the origin of life and the appearance of complex living organisms. Ancient Assyrian chronicles and monuments provide extrabiblical evidence of Old Testament people, places, and events. The Old Testament Law, which appears harsh by our contemporary standards, is amazingly merciful when examined in its ancient Near East context. Archaeological evidence confirms that Israel’s pagan neighbors engaged in hideous religious practices, including extensive child sacrifice. The evidence shows God had morally sufficient reasons to destroy the pagan Canaanite nations. Historical evidence supports belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ and in the subsequent rise of the early church. The author presents evidence from both Christian and non-Christian sources from the New Testament era. Examination of ancient manuscripts confirms the Bible was preserved, transmitted, and translated accurately throughout history. The author contrasts Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as examples of monotheistic ethical religions. He argues that while all three affirm certain truths, only Christianity solves mankind’s predicament of being lost in sin. Christian truth stands on the greatest miracle of all, the resurrection of Christ and His bodily appearances, confirmed by eyewitnesses.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Arturo R. Ortiz’s new book is a revamped second edition that delivers the same empowering message.

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