Author A. B. Leaver’s New Audiobook, “Who is God?” is an Insightful Series of Biblical Quotes and Analyses to Guide Listeners Towards a Better Understanding of God –

New York, NY, November 28, 2023 –(– A. B. Leaver, who holds a master’s degree from the University of Houston and is an avid student of the Bible, has completed his new audiobook, “Who is God? A Biblical Treatise for the Contemplative Christian”: a thought-provoking series of passages from Scripture and the author’s own analysis designed to help listeners better understand who God truly is, and what His plan might be for them.

“Who is God? It is a question that has been asked throughout the expanse of human history and has been answered in a myriad of ways. Answers have ranged from the worship of inanimate objects, nature’s wonders, and fictitious characters to the worship of the true and everlasting God as revealed in the Bible,” writes Leaver. “However, even using the Bible as a common reference, there have been a multitude of different interpretations of who God is, what His character is, what His desire is for us, and how we relate to Him.

“This book draws from the biblical record a view of God that is supported by Scripture rather than from conjecture and outside sources. Where there seem to be inconsistent perspectives present in the scripture, I have tried to identify them but conclude with the predominate perspective as the most tenable. It makes sense that God, in communicating to people, would help us by making the correct view predominate.

“In drawing from the Bible, I have found that God is a loving Father in heaven; that all people are His children; that He loves His children and desires that all be saved; that He has provided a means by which all may be saved—through His Son Jesus Christ; that in our day God reveals Himself through the Holy Ghost (among other ways); and that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost comprise one God.

“You will find that the bulk of this work is a quotation of scripture, organized by topic in relation to the identity of God. Commentary has been added in an attempt to summarize the concepts I believe are conveyed in the scriptures; however, the commentary comprises a lessor portion of the work. The work may almost be thought of as a topical concordance concerning the identity of God with limited commentary. At any rate, the listener is invited to review the cited scriptural references, in addition to all others contained in the scriptures, and draw their own conclusion based on the content and on the witness of the Holy Ghost. The scriptures declare that the Holy Ghost is the testator of all truth and that when we sincerely seek the truth, we shall find it.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author A. B. Leaver’s new audiobook is the perfect companion for those seeking answers to whatever questions they might have about God and His ultimate hopes and paths He holds for all His children. Eye-opening and enlightening, Leaver hopes to connect with listeners of all beliefs and backgrounds in order to help them forge a lasting relationship with God.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Who is God? A Biblical Treatise for the Contemplative Christian” by A. B. Leaver through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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