Author Abbas Kadkhodayan, Ph.D.’s New Book, “Guarding Human Health,” Discusses the Rise of Factors Negatively Impacting Human Health and Longevity –

Maryville, IL, May 28, 2024 –(– Abbas Kadkhodayan, Ph.D. has completed his new book, “Guarding Human Health”: a timely work that provides the most relevant scientific information that is publicly available in the open literature including its author’s opinion regarding environmental pollution, nutrition, non-communicable diseases such as obesity, and their effect on human health.

Author Abbas Kadkhodayan writes, “Our body is a complex biological machine that gets directly affected by anything we ingest, inhale, or absorb through skin. Among these three ways that various substances enter our body, we have no control of substances that are entering our bodies through inhaling or skin absorption, with the exception of intentionally inhaling tobacco/drugs or absorbing cosmetics and some non-oral medications. Also, we only have limited control when it comes to ingestion because we have no idea how much our foods are contaminated with xenobiotic chemicals (chemicals foreign to our biological system, such as food additives, preservatives, drugs, and environmental pollutants). These days, regardless of how careful or how knowledgeable one can be, still it is impossible to avoid environmental pollutants totally. These pollutants are everywhere: they are in the air we breathe, they are in the water we drink, they are in the food we eat, plus they are in anything that we use, manipulate, and touch.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Abbas Kadkhodayan, Ph.D.’s data-backed work explores important factors that affect human health and longevity such as environmental pollution, type of nutrition, and various non-communicable diseases and, in particular, the current obesity crisis that only started to become vividly visible in the last 4 decades or so.

Readers who wish to experience this eye-opening work can purchase “Guarding Human Health” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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