Author Alexander Odishelidze and Carlos A. Chardón Unveil a Stark Warning About Chinese Influence in the Caribbean –

Miami, FL, June 28, 2024 –(– Author, finance expert, and long-time political consultant Alexander Odishelidze’s influential book, “America’s Last Fortress: Puerto Rico’s Sovereignty, China’s Caribbean Belt and Road, and America’s National Security,” offers a critical examination of geopolitical dynamics in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The book has already achieved Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon bestseller status, but now includes bonus content in the form of a new foreword by Carlos A. Chardón, former SBA Director for the Caribbean and former Secretary of Education for Puerto Rico. The book has also recently been released as an audiobook on major online retailers.

Delivering a stark warning about the burgeoning influence of China in the Caribbean, with Puerto Rico at the epicenter, “America’s Last Fortress” explains how China’s Belt and Road initiative seeks unrestricted global access with Puerto Rico strategic positioning as the gateway to the Caribbean making it a prime target. As Puerto Rico inches towards independence, China’s opportunity to gain a foothold in the region becomes increasingly plausible, posing significant national security concerns for the United States.

Odishelidze, who has dedicated more than thirty years to advocating for Puerto Rico’s self-determination, presents an insider’s view of the political missteps and vested interests that have hindered the island’s decolonization process. He provides a comprehensive narrative of Puerto Rico’s political evolution—from the 1970s, when independence garnered less than 5% of the vote, to recent elections where nearly 50% of the electorate favored independence. This shift, according to Odishelidze, aligns ominously with China’s strategic interests.

The new foreword by Carlos A. Chardón, former Small Business Administration director for the Caribbean and former Secretary of Education of Puerto Rico, underscores the urgency and gravity of Odishelidze’s message. Chardón writes, “The author’s argument is devastating but it makes sense…. Odishelidze warns that the Island is the last US stronghold in the Caribbean because of its political relationship.”

Chardón elaborates on the broader geopolitical landscape, highlighting that Puerto Rico’s strategic importance has made it a target historically and continues to do so in the context of contemporary global power struggles. He notes, “On looking at a map of the Antilles: in the north is Cuba, in a silent struggle with the United States for sixty years; in the south, Venezuela… in the west, Nicaragua… and in the east is Puerto Rico.”

About the Author:
A Russian/Georgian born in Belgrade, Serbia, Alexander Odishelidze survived the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia and the Holocaust. Despite losing his family and being shipped to refugee camps in Europe, Odishelidze immigrated to America and, with no money or connections, made a life for himself—first in the U.S. Army and then in finance where he became the youngest ever general manager of a prestigious MONY financial services operation in New York City. Living and operating businesses in Puerto Rico for decades, Odishelidze has become a well-known financial and political consultant, writing frequently on both subjects. He and his wife Odette spend their time between their homes in Florida, St. John, and Colorado.

Book Details:
● Title: America’s Last Fortress: Puerto Rico’s Sovereignty, China’s Caribbean Belt and Road, and America’s National Security
● Author: Alexander Odishelidze
● Publisher: Caribbean Horizons
● Distributor: Bublish
● Paperback ISBN: 9781647045142
● Hardcover ISBN: 9781647045159
● eBook ISBN: 9781647045135
● Audiobook ISBN: 9781647048693

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