Author Amaefule Patrick’s New Book, “The Empty Grave,” is a Fascinating Novel That Follows a Series of National Crises in the Fictional Republic of Halibiana –

New York, NY, November 20, 2023 –(– Amaefule Patrick, whose works include the great television soap, “Dance of Shame,” which aired with tremendous success for over fifty-two episodes on Galaxy Television, Nigeria, has completed his new book, “The Empty Grave”: a potent work that takes readers into the inner workings of a nation’s politics.

In The Empty Grave, Amaefule Patrick presents the reader with an imaginary African country, the Republic of Halibiana, where the politicians under the presidency of Dr. Muzulata see politics as the acquisition of stupendous wealth and running of unbridled misgovernance. A group of young soldiers stationed at the country’s border with another imaginary African country, the Federal Republic of Garindo, where a border war has been going on, stage a military coup but fail to overthrow President Muzulata as he escapes through a tunnel from the statehouse under bombardment. However, they capture the First Lady and her daughter, who, though had earlier escaped with the other members of the first family through the tunnel, have returned out of greed to carry huge amounts of dollars and pieces of jewelry stashed in the statehouse while fighting is still going on in and around the statehouse. Though the coup fails and those responsible are surrounded in the statehouse by the Army, they have the First Lady and her daughter as captives and threaten to kill them should the statehouse be stormed.

In the few weeks following the coup, a series of national crises led to Lieutenant General Hubanata, the greedy and corrupt commander of the joint chiefs of defense staff, shoving the president aside in a bloodless coup and becoming the country’s new leader. His regime is short-lived as a group of military officers opposed to the very corrupt Lieutenant General Hubanata running and ruining the country further stage another violent coup, being the third in a few weeks, to stop the corrupt Lieutenant General Hubanata before he can consolidate his grip on power.

Author Amaefule Patrick is also the author of the great novel “The Civilized Rats and A Poem, a Day,” a book of poetry for children. Amaefule Patrick graduated from the Department of Theatre Arts, University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, in 1989 and hails from Abajah in Nwangele, LGA of Imo State of Nigeria.

Patrick writes, “About half a kilometer from the statehouse’s main gate, the thick bush lining the road to the statehouse was alive with heavily armed soldiers who had taken position since twelve midnight. The soldiers, led by Major Lango, had meandered silently through the bush for close to one hour. Major Lango was called Chokhio, which meant ‘gunpowder’ in Bubuda language, by the men and soldiers he commanded because of his short temper. Like gunpowder, he quickly caught fire at the slightest provocation. Major Lango’s orders from the plotters of the coup were to move his group silently to the thick bush lining the road to the statehouse, arrive there about thirty minutes to action time, and lie in wait quietly in the bush about half a kilometer from the gate, until the guns began to roar. The armored tanks in the statehouse were to be drawn out to battle by the attacking tanks at the northern gate. When they had been craftily drawn out of the main gate, which faced the west, and turned right to head toward the invading force from the north, the Lango group was to advance to the gate, throwing every arsenal they carried with them into the decisive battle of taking the statehouse. Once the main gate was overrun, the statehouse was as good as taken.”

Published by Page Publishing, Amaefule Patrick’s gripping tale invites readers to discovery how this story unfolds.

Readers who wish to experience this original work can purchase “The Empty Grave” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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