Author Ben Oludaisi’s New Book, “Home Wrecker,” is a Candid True Story Recalling One Family’s Victimization by a Self-Serving Interloper Masquerading as a Lifelong Friend –

New York, NY, January 15, 2024 –(– Ben Oludaisi, a physician, YouTube medical educator, and father of four, has completed his new book, “Home Wrecker: My Male Friend Wrecked My Home – The Memoir (A Tell-All Story of My Life Encounter with a Toxic Male Friend Who Intruded into My Marriage and Family”: a harrowing and deeply personal account of actual events in the life of the author and his wife, Kemi.

The author shares, “Drawing your spouse’s friend closer to your family after marriage may be inimically detrimental. This is an explicitly written true life story of a young lady’s encounter with a man who doubled as her male friend and secret admirer/lover. He had no gut to tell her because he got no reciprocal gesture but worked underground and remained remotely entangled with gross obsession.

“Unless you’ve gone through this book or you have a similar life experience or it has happened to someone around you, this story may appear like drawing a long bow. There are lots of lessons, and you will also find out that your kindness to your haters or unknown toxic rival(s) with envy or jealousy may not stop him/them from killing you, be it diabolically or any method available to him/them.

“The toxic male friend spent years castigating and inciting hatred and violence against the same couple who were his benefactors. He knew that what he was doing could lead to subversion of the lady’s home, life, and everything, yet he had enthusiastically and rigorously done that and consistently or obstinately so for a decade.

“Some called him a ‘chameleon’; others tagged the ugly incident a ‘toxic male intruder escapade.’ Either way, it wasn’t a pleasant one. It’s difficult to deal with an eloquent liar, but many times, his memory had failed him. Reading through the facts here will probably help him rejuvenate his neurons and subsequently refresh the memory with the candid truth. There are many honest opposite-sex friends but think twice if a male friend to your wife is trying to be funny.”

Published by Page Publishing, Ben Oludaisi’s engrossing book is a provocative tale of vicious mendacity and toxic relationships.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Home Wrecker: My Male Friend Wrecked My Home – The Memoir (A Tell-All Story of My Life Encounter with a Toxic Male Friend Who Intruded into My Marriage and Family” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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