Author Brian Glover’s New Book, “Unexpected Roads,” is a Poignant Memoir That Focuses on the Author’s Choices That Led to His Unanticipated Yet Extraordinary Path in Life –

Mount Airy, NC, February 14, 2024 –(– Brian Glover has completed his new book, “Unexpected Roads”: a gripping memoir that follows the author through his struggles in life and run-ins with the law that ended up shaping his future, leading him down a path he could never have anticipated.

“This story is about me, a boy who grew up in a small town in West Virginia. One night, my dad and I were watching the news, and they showed the hippies and talked about what they were doing. I told my dad that it was what I was going to do. He told me to go for it. I did,” writes Glover. “At thirteen, I hitchhiked to Virginia Beach and back. When I got home, I did go to jail. My grandfather would get me out. He was a deputy sheriff. I left home a lot. I always went to the beaches: Daytona and Myrtle. We used to sleep on beaches.

“At age fourteen, I was taught something that I would need in my life. I was into harder drugs by this time—acid drugs that made you trip and see stuff that ain’t there. Every time I would run away from home, I would be in jail when I got back. I didn’t go to school much. I went to parties with my friends. I was tutored in the eighth grade. The school passed me from the ninth grade to the twelfth to get me out of their school. I don’t know how I passed, but when I got to the eleventh grade, something happened. I was kicked out of school for drugs. I quit school and went to school at night.

“I had to drive to night school. I was studying to take my GED. The classes were three hours a night. My best friend also quit high school and came to night school. We skipped school one night, drove to Pennsylvania, and pulled an armed robbery. I didn’t go home for three days, but we got busted. This was April 1975. I took off and went to Virginia Beach with some friends. I hitchhiked back and had my first meeting with the real law (FBI / US Marshals). They were camped out in my family’s yard. I had charges against me–murder and kidnapping. I wonder what happened.

“Four years down the road, I ended up at the carnival. I did that for twenty-five years. I cooked sausage, pizza, and fried veggies. I did rides and games. The life I lived was different from anyone else’s life. I got more education on the road than I did at school. Life gives you so many challenges; you never know what to expect. Just like the roads I have traveled–unexpected roads.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Brian Glover’s enthralling tale will take readers through the trials and triumphs of the author’s life story as he forges his own path ahead while getting caught up in a life of drugs and crime. Thought-provoking and deeply personal, Glover weaves a stirring novel that will connect with readers and leave them spellbound right up until the stunning conclusion.

Readers who wish to experience this enlightening work can purchase “Unexpected Roads” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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