Author Brock A. Alcorn’s New Book, “The Second Darkness,” is an Eye-Opening Novel That Looks at How the Great Deception Could Play Out After the Rapture Occurs –

Bedford, IN, February 27, 2024 –(– Brock A. Alcorn, a loving husband and father of two who leads a life in service of Christ, has completed his new book, “The Second Darkness”: a gripping and riveting novel that follows two archaeologists and a former faith healer whose lives become entwined as mankind enters the end times, enduring the Great Deception that was prophesied to occur after the Rapture.

Brock shares, “Jordan Spencer, an acclaimed archaeologist and agnostic, has lived through an event that forever has changed him. Jordan has placed himself in a specialized facility to heal from terrible nightmares and night terrors that threaten his very well-being. His associate and interest, Tonya Clark, now leads an archaeological expedition in Mexico that uncovers a large humanlike skeleton unlike the world has ever witnessed. With the discovery, Jordan decides to leave the doctor’s care and help Tonya navigate dangerous obstacles that face her and the team. At the same time, a former faith healer and charlatan Paul Jacobs, who produced miracles of healing, now reeling from the truth of who he was and the consequences of his decisions, now faces decisions that will shape his life.

“The world has been shaken by an event that saw millions of people and all children vanish into thin air. Behind the scenes exists a mysterious, powerful group of wealthy men and women who have dedicated their lives to discovering alien beings and expedite their return to earth. The group believes these beings ruled in ancient times and now see evidence that their return is imminent. Strange visual signs from space and the threat of a catastrophic natural event throw the world into an epic moment where the reveal of the ancient rulers is at hand.

“The truth is far from what the world understands and in reality is a demonic attack to usher in their allotted time to start what is known as the tribulation. Jordan, Tonya, and Paul’s life will intersect as the world’s clock has crossed the final hour.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Brock A. Alcorn’s new book is the result of many years of research and planning, all inspired by the author’s desire to tell a story of one possibility of how the great deception following the rapture will play out. Thought-provoking and expertly paced, Brock shares his story in the hope of sparking questions about where the world may be heading, and how to prepare for what is to come.

Readers can purchase “The Second Darkness” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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