Author Damon McLemore’s New Book, “The Appetite,” Introduces Paul “Roeh” Ross, Who Awakens in a World of Ruins Shortly After the “Second Coming” Messianic Prophecy –

Phoenix, AZ, January 22, 2024 –(– Damon McLemore has completed his new book, “The Appetite”: a compelling work that follows Paul as he discovers he and his trusted ax have been chosen as the key weapon of the world’s sustainer to maintain balance.

In the underworld, Gehenna, Arthur “Baqa” Lorton is a high-ranking ruler. He’s a supercharged evil spirit that has been given new life topside of the surface. Fueled by the dark order in his previous origin, he finds comfort in his newly commandeered body. All that are slain by his hand are forced to serve him. In hopes of claiming this new world as his own, he sets out to kill and build his army of dead soldiers.

When Paul is given the assignment to release a certain group of captured souls through prayer, he’s also given the order to kill several others and return their spirits to the pit. Among those to be killed is Arthur Lorton. Outside Paul’s trusted ax, his only chance to survive Lorton and the underworld’s throne-holding members is hoping his prayers can be heard in the deepest levels of Gehenna.

Author Damon McLemore writes, “The angel’s sword and helmet were cast down from above and landed fairly close to them with a thudding sound. He reached and collected his twelve-foot double-edged sword, then grabbed his helmet from the two men strong enough to lift it to him. All visibility came from the many small fires around them. The angel Michael looked to the sky and watched as two bolts of lightning collided with one another. The loud thunder roll was the clear message Michael had been waiting for. He looked down to Paul. ‘It’s time. You and I will lead this attack. Do not be surprised when you feel your new strength.’”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Damon McLemore’s remarkable work is a tale of supernatural battles and chaos in one instant, and spiritual insight and destiny in another.

Readers who wish to experience this entertaining work can purchase “The Appetite” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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