Author Daniel Joseph Plumley’s New Book “The Reintegration Lessons in Love; The Road to Mastery” Will Help Educate Readers About the Principles of the Forces of Creation –

Los Angeles, CA, July 08, 2024 –(– Daniel Joseph Plumley, a business CEO, entrepreneur, engineer, and pilot who lives in San Francisco, California, has completed his new book, “The Reintegration Lessons in Love; The Road to Mastery: The Teachings of Danica, Master of the Spiritual Realm”: a word-for-word record of divine communication between the author and God about the principles and proper application of the forces of creation, or the law of attraction, and the hazards of its misuse.

Author Daniel Joseph Plumley, also known as Danica, master of the Spiritual Realm, was awakened to who he was and why he was sent to Earth through a conversation with God, learning that he was sent to the physical realm to educate humanity about the forces of creation and the hazards of its misuse. In addition to writing books about the law of attraction, the author also consults with the world’s foremost authorities on the subject and, frequently, authors’ dissertations, furthering their understanding of the forces of creation.

“Do you see all the wars going on? All the poverty and misery? That is a result of not understanding the forces of creation and how the quantum is and has been interacting with you,” writes Plumley. “This book will provide you an overview of how creation works. Not understanding how creation works is what led to those situations on earth. This is a situation that, if gone unchanged, will lead to a full nuclear exchange between the country known as Russia and the United States of America. This event happens about 300 years into earth’s future. This exchange results in the obliteration of all sentient life on earth by nuclear decimation.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Daniel Joseph Plumley’s enthralling series will help readers learn how to take immediate control of their own lives and utilize their connection to the forces of creation to enhance their existence and spiritual growth, as well as their relationship with God.

Readers who wish to experience this mesmerizing work can purchase “The Reintegration Lessons in Love; The Road to Mastery: The Teachings of Danica, Master of the Spiritual Realm” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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