Author Deborah Millender’s New Book, “Love is the Key to Open All Doors,” is a Thought-Provoking Look at the Importance of Love in Knowing One’s Fellow Man and the Lord –

Toledo, OH, May 13, 2024 –(– Deborah Millender has completed her new book, “Love is the Key to Open all Doors”: a powerful read that exemplifies how love is the ultimate power of healing and hope in society, and how those like Ohio governor Mike DeWine took the chance for love away during the coronavirus pandemic due to shutting down businesses and forcing people apart.

“I understand how the kids and the young men and young ladies were looking forward to their graduation or a chance of moving up to the next level—that should not have been taken away from them,” writes Millender. “That should still have been a great moment to them; it made their lives hard, looking for what they could achieve and how it could make a difference, but it was taken away too soon. Now God is looking at all actions to see was that a better choice—to have their special moment shut down—when we all know what God can do for us but failed. Our whole life depends on God, and God works with us, not against us, and our governor, Mike DeWine, was doing just that, not thinking how love works through God in us and how we know what to do with our health when God is our doctor and that all we should know in life if we will understand the crisis of this coronavirus—that love should be unity, and we should be showing it all through the life of this coronavirus with no fear showing.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Deborah Millender’s enthralling tale is sure to resonate with readers of all walks of life, helping them to discover the incredible power of love, and how one must embrace love and connecting with others in their own lives if they ever expect to find true happiness and fulfillment with God.

Readers who wish to experience this irreverent work can purchase “Love is the Key to Open all Doors” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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