Author Don St John Ph.D.’s New Audiobook, “Healing the Wounds of Childhood and Culture: An Adventure of a Lifetime,” Follows the Author’s Journey to Become Whole –

Salt Lake City, UT, March 01, 2024 –(– Don St John Ph.D. has completed his new audiobook, “Healing the Wounds of Childhood and Culture: An Adventure of a Lifetime”: a fascinating look at the author’s own struggles throughout his life, and how these moments helped him along his journey of healing while also developing a pathway to help others achieve complete wholeness.

In “Healing the Wounds of Childhood and Culture,” author Dr. Don St John offers a new model of wholeness while challenging listeners to embark on the adventure to explore the multiple effects of personal traumas and of the wounds inflicted by our culture. Blending his personal and clinical experiences, St John discusses why many have failed to recognize how their potential has been limited. In this guide, he helps listeners understand the root causes of many of society’s ills: violence, addictions, substance abuse, loneliness, depression, apathy, polarization, and relationship distress.

St John writes, “Embarking on a healing journey is the surest way to a rewarding, adventurous, meaningful, vibrant life. It is the most certain way to grow self-knowledge and to discover new aspects of ourselves. We can live life with a growing sense of agency, a sense of ‘I’m the one in charge of my life,’ and simultaneously a growing sense of alignment with a higher order—whether religious, spiritual, or secular—a sense of something supportive beyond the limits of our body-mind. When committed to this journey, higher energies will present themselves, even if only in the form of improbable coincidences or even a sequence of improbable events.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Don St John Ph.D.’s new audiobook points the way toward harmony, self-love, and a capacity for deep, emotional intimacy, while providing an understanding of what’s needed to flourish and thrive in relation to oneself and those around them. Through sharing his own life’s story and his methods for achieving peace and healing, St John hopes to provide what listeners need to understand to move beyond survival and scarcity and embrace abundance and harmony.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Healing the Wounds of Childhood and Culture: An Adventure of a Lifetime” by Don St John Ph.D. through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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