Author Donita Kordonowy’s New Audiobook, “Midas: Living with a Bird in the Hood,” Shares Conversations the Author Has Had with Her African Gray Parrot Named Midas –

Rochester, NY, September 21, 2023 –(– Donita Kordonowy, who was born and raised in Sidney, Montana, has completed her new audiobook, “Midas: Living with a Bird in the Hood”: a unique work that shares actual conversations that the author and her daughter have had with their parrot. The book was written to share the bird’s brilliant wit with others.

Author Donita Kordonowy’s parents lived in a house that her father built himself, along with her mother, three sisters, and a brother. After a second failed marriage, Donita moved to Rochester, New York, with her two children, three dogs, and fifty parrots. Donita always loved animals and spent hours trying to save them all. During her second marriage, Donita spent her free time rescuing unwanted birds, learning everything she could from other bird breeders, and reading many books. After spending time working with the birds she rescued, she found homes when possible. Today, Donita works as a secretary, takes care of her animals, crafts using various mediums, and does transports for animal rescues.

Donita writes, “April is always an interesting month for me because it’s when I first realize that winter blues are actually on their way out to make way for spring cleaning, taxes, my birthday, and, the best part, summer. In its anticipation of summer, April is a month of new growth; trees are budding, flowers, which lay dormant all winter, are peeking through the warm ground, birds are building nests in hopes of starting their families, the grass is turning green, the sun is out a wee bit longer, and the air feels a wee bit warmer. Spring is the second-best season of the year and prepares you for the best season, summer.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Donita Kordonowy’s new audiobook shares Midas’s words of wisdom as well as his humorous remarks.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Midas: Living with a Bird in the Hood” by Donita Kordonowy through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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