Author Dr. Sandra Hayes PhD’s New Audiobook, “Shhh Can You Hear Him?” is an Inspiring Journey That Describes How Obedience Unto God Leaves One with Little to No Regrets –

Alexandria, VA, March 26, 2024 –(– Dr. Sandra Hayes PhD, who currently resides in Alexandria, Virginia, has completed her new audiobook, “Shhh Can You Hear Him?”: a powerful collection of motivating, inspiring, and encouraging stories of the author’s obedience to God’s voice, and how her struggles helped her find strength, spiritual growth, and a personal relationship with God.

As a young girl in Meggett, South Carolina, author Dr. Sandra Hayes PhD grew up very poor in a quaint, little four-room home with nine other children; she did not know they were poor. Although she was taught about Jesus, she was ashamed to say his name. She had no idea how significant her reliance was upon him as sovereign would save her life and guide her into her destiny, which far exceeded anything she ever imagined. Those who prophesied into her life about God planted seeds in her heart that were nurtured and watered for harvest at the appointed time of its manifestation.

For years, she ran from any reminders of who God was and what he could do. Her ignorance beforehand did not stop her destiny and God’s plans for her. At every stumbling block in her life, she was met with a ram in the bush for deliverance. Unbeknown to her, she was in a preparatory phase, as she ran more into his presence, diligently seeking his will and ways well before her challenges. She was kept through an open-heart surgery, major emergency surgery, broken heart, military sexual trauma, and through a crippling unforgiving spirit.

“This book will reflect how God worked in my life,” writes Dr. Hayes. “Once you stop and think about your life, likewise, you may see God at work. You may remember the urge to do or not do a certain thing. You may remember the near accident that should have taken your life, but you are still here. That ‘something told me’ voice that we sometimes dismiss may have been the voice of God that could have changed the trajectory of our lives. Hopefully, this book will raise awareness about our hurried lives and everyday experiences, that if we slow down long enough to see God at work in everything we do, we will get a closer walk with him.”

She continues, “My testimonies are not for me; I lived it, and I know the outcome. It is to encourage your hearts that as you go through your challenges, you will realize that trouble doesn’t last always. You will see that nothing can stop the destiny that God has upon your life. God will stop or block anything that tries to hinder where he wants to take you. He will open doors for you that he knows need to be opened and no man can close. He will close doors for you that he knows need to be closed and no man can open. Walk in faith with an ‘I trust you, Lord’ spirit, come what may, and watch how God works mightily in your life. Come, walk with me through this journey of events that, like yours, were sometimes unpleasant, uncomfortable, or shattering; and in the end, hopefully, your latter days, like mine, will be better than your former days.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Dr. Sandra Hayes PhD’s new audiobook is brimming with true stories of family, faith, hope, forgiveness, and humor that will take listeners on a powerful journey through the author’s relationship with God, and how he carried through whatever overwhelming trials life threw her way. Deeply personal and emotionally stirring, Dr. Sandra weaves an intimate reflection of her faith in the hope that her story will connect with and uplift others, encouraging them to seek out God and accept him into their hearts.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “Shhh Can You Hear Him?” by Dr. Sandra Hayes PhD through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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