Author Essam Mengue m’Obama (EMO)’s New Book, “Dulu Mengue: Mengue’s Journey,” is a Powerful True Story of Resilience in Difficult Circumstances –

New York, NY, May 10, 2024 –(– Essam Mengue m’Obama (EMO), who was born in Yaoundé, where his father was a junior civil servant, has completed his new book, “Dulu Mengue: Mengue’s Journey”: a compelling work that retraces the journey that his mother embarked on to deal with this blow that shattered her young life, manage her grief, and build a future for herself and her children by overcoming the challenges that she faced immediately after she was widowed and during the many years that came later.

Following his father’s passing, author Essam Mengue m’Obama (EMO)’s mother retreated to her village of Zoétélé with all her children, after having been rejected and expelled by her in-laws from her late husband’s village. He attended the Catholic primary school in Zoétélé and then a Catholic missionary boarding secondary school in Yaoundé on a partial scholarship. From there, he went to study engineering in the US on full scholarship and then business at a graduate business school. Shortly after graduation, he returned to Cameroon and worked there for many years in the private sector before getting a job at an international organization based in the US. After returning home again to start and run his activities, he rejoined the same international organization. He has continued to do some consulting work. He did get married and has five children and eleven grandchildren.

The inspiration from this story came from the admiration he has for his mother, who is his heroine, the person he admires the most, and who, all his life, has played the roles of a mother, a father, a friend, a confidante, a mentor, and an advisor—in one word, she has been everything to him. She did not even finish primary school, and married early, but stuck to her vision about the importance of education for her children and dedicated her life in a male-dominated society to give them the best possible opportunities with her vision, commitment, and hard work in the face of incredible odds against her.

Author Essam Mengue m’Obama (EMO) writes, “The story covers the first forty years of Mengue’s life, with the narrator using a variety of sources of information. The first one is his own recollection and experience of the events as he witnessed them, including seeing his mother’s raw emotions and hearing her cry to her late husband, starting in the days and weeks immediately following his burial and for a considerable period after that. The second one is made of the late-night monologues he heard her embark on when she could not go to sleep. The third is the conversations she had with her friends and relatives, as well as some of her late husband’s friends and some of his relatives she kept in contact with. The fourth consists of the conversations that the narrator had with his own siblings, family members, and friends of the family. The final source is his own conversations with his mother in various circumstances, including after he had become an adult with his own family and children. These latter conversations were facilitated by the closeness he had with his mother and involved almost any topic, ranging from her life experiences before and after she became married and widowed. Many of these conversations took place after his mother had become more settled and was enjoying her children and grandchildren.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Essam Mengue m’Obama (EMO)’s fascinating work covers the first forty years of Mengue’s life, with the narrator using a variety of sources of information.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Dulu Mengue: Mengue’s Journey” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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