Author Geoffrey David’s New Book “Sir Cedrick Cheetah” Tells the Story of a Cheetah Who, After Becoming a Knight, Grows Conceited and Hurts Others with His Rude Behavior –

New York, NY, May 16, 2024 –(– Geoffrey David, a retired Air Force officer, has completed his new book, “Sir Cedrick Cheetah”: a charming story of a cheetah who grows conceited after being tricked into believing he is a knight, and must learn to use his new rank for the good of the Serengeti instead of selfishness.

A graduate of Louisiana State University, author Geoffrey David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and has traveled throughout the US and Europe during his career in the Air Force. During his twenty-year career, the author met and worked closely with a wide variety of characters, and wrote logistics support plans for Air Force systems, a far cry from this hopefully entertaining and whimsical story of Cedrick Cheetah. It wasn’t until the author retired from active duty and came across two books, “The Ship’s Cat” and “Regular Lu,” that he was influenced to write his own stories.

Geoffrey writes, “Tired of stories about talking bears? Bored with teenage romances? Read enough historically based fiction? Take some time and enjoy some rhyming whimsy! Sir Cedrick Cheetah is the story about a cheetah who, through a set of unusual circumstances, sincerely believes he has been knighted. Cedrick lets this situation go to his head, and he becomes seriously infatuated with his new station, with the result that he becomes intolerably arrogant and demanding of the other animals.

“When word of his behavior gets to the king of beasts, the lion, the animal king decides it’s time to take action. He confronts Cedrick with the harsh reality that the cheetah’s ego has completely misled him and has resulted in his irrational behavior. Cedrick completely accepts his reprimand and acknowledges his misbehavior. The lion recognizes that Cedrick is remorseful and sees an opportunity for the cheetah to become an asset for good. The lion elicits Cedrick’s promise to use a bona fide knighthood for good and being the king, bestows knighthood on Cedrick. The cheetah now uses his status for good, and the message is thorough and complete. If you enjoyed this story, look for other stories and adventures of Sir Cedrick Cheetah to be forthcoming.”

Published by Page Publishing, Geoffrey David’s engaging tale will take readers on a thrilling adventure as they follow along on Cedrick’s incredible journey of becoming a knight, and how this one event forever changes his life. Accompanied by colorful and vibrant artwork that help to bring Geoffrey’s tale to life, “Sir Cedrick Cheetah” is sure to be beloved by readers of all ages, inviting them to relive this imaginative tale over and over again.

Readers who wish to experience this riveting work can purchase “Sir Cedrick Cheetah” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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