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Sebring, FL, March 17, 2024 –(PR.com)– Hank Crutchfield marks his entry to the publishing scene with the release of “When do Easter Eggs Hatch?” (published by WestBow Press). This heartwarming children’s tale follows the journey of a young boy on Easter Sunday, as he ponders the mysterious hatching of Easter eggs and discovers a profound lesson in his quest for answers.

Meet Jack, an enthusiastic young boy eagerly anticipating Easter. Inspired by his parents’ tales of a bunny and its eggs, Jack becomes consumed by a single question: When do Easter eggs hatch? He turns to his family, hoping for enlightenment, but they remain equally mystified. During a visit to church and Sunday school, the teacher imparts a lesson on the resurrection of Christ, explaining that the eggs symbolize new life. She tells Jack that the eggs hatch not in reality but within the realm of his imagination. However, Jack remains curious and unsatisfied, feeling that this explanation does not capture the grandeur of God’s mysteries.

Then, at the community Easter egg hunt, Jack receives a special message from the Easter Bunny tucked into his Easter basket. This message unveils the answer to his question, revealing that it is rooted in love, laughter, faith, and the bonds of family.

Crutchfield reflects on his book, saying, “I believe that an Easter story with a faith-based family message will resonate with Christian readers seeking more than just tales of the Easter Bunny and sweets. This book centers on the importance of family, community, and faith, all while maintaining an engaging and rhythmic narrative that children adore.”

When asked about the key takeaway he hopes readers will derive from his book, Crutchfield emphasizes, “The message of faith and family should inspire individuals to cherish their loved ones and communities.”

“When do Easter Eggs Hatch?”
By Hank Crutchfield
Hardcover | 8.5 x 11in | 30 pages | ISBN 9798385010486
Softcover | 8.5 x 11in | 30 pages | ISBN 9798385010479
E-Book | 30 pages | ISBN 9798385010493
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and hankcrutchfield.com.

About the Author

Hank Crutchfield, a Marine Corps veteran and a fourth-generation citrus grower, is above all, a devoted father and loving husband. He and his expanding family call the heartland of Florida their home.

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