Author Harry Charles, Jr. Ed.S.’s New Book, “The Hijacking of Christianity,” Explores How the Christian Faith Has Been Twisted to Control and Dominate Non-Believers –

Fayettville, GA, May 30, 2024 –(– Harry Charles, Jr. Ed.S., who holds a bachelor of science degree in broad field social science from Georgia State University, a master’s in education from Cambridge College in Boston, Massachusetts, and an Ed.S in educational leadership from the University of Sarasota, has completed his new book, “The Hijacking of Christianity: Christianity Origin, the Church, Africa, the Jews, Slavery, and Race in America”: a whirlwind expose of secrets pertaining to the Christian Church, and how a religion that purports love and compassion has become weaponized throughout the years.

“The Hijacking of Christianity” begins with the very origins of the Christian dogma, exploring the religious world of Christianity as a jigsaw puzzle with hidden truths that slowly come together. The author uncovers who created Christianity, where the cross came from, and who Jesus Christ truly was. “The Hijacking of Christianity” will expose why Christ’s real name was hidden from the world for centuries, and how and why the scriptures of the original Bible and characters were changed throughout the years. This book provides proof through extensive research, the Bible, DNA, geography, science, and writings of different scholars to reveal how deceptions, cover-ups, distortions, and the whitewashing of biblical characters, icons, the Messiah, and God himself were changed.

“I wrote this book because of the troubling questions that I have wrestled with over my lifetime, trying to make sense of the hypocrisy of Christianity and how Christians can claim to love God but yet not love their fellow man,” writes Harry. “I often wondered and then prayerfully asked God/Yahuah why—why would you allow one race of your creation to treat the other race, being people of color, so inhumane and still call themselves Christian? God/Yahuah gave me my answers and began to show me pieces of the satanic puzzle to bring about confusion in the world through race, religion, and racism and White Supremacy. The more questions I asked, the deeper into the rabbit hole he sent me until I was able to complete the puzzle.”

The author continues, “In writing this book, I do not, nor did I, intentionally set out to offend or insult any person or religious group. My purpose for bringing this subject to the forefront is for new knowledge and to awaken the masses of Christians and nonbelievers to the truth that has been hidden far too long. Only a small elite group has always known the hidden secrets, and this fact has allowed them to rule, manipulate, and control the world. Nothing written in this book is based on conspiracy theories or anti-Semitism but simply historical facts and truths that anyone can obtain through research and more research. I pray and ask that you put aside all biases and read this book with an open mind and heart.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Harry Charles, Jr. Ed.S.’s enlightening read will help readers discover the truth of modern-day Christianity, leading to an eye-opening revelation of how the faith has become so far removed from what it claims to be.

Readers who wish to experience this educational work can purchase “The Hijacking of Christianity: Christianity Origin, the Church, Africa, the Jews, Slavery, and Race in America” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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