Author J. F. Harness’s New Book, “Thirst,” is a Thrilling Story That Takes Place in an Alternate Reality Version of the Southwest Circa 1880 –

Phoenix, AZ, March 25, 2024 –(– J. F. Harness, a retired semiconductor design engineer and computer hardware research scientist living in the Phoenix, Arizona area, has completed his new book, “Thirst”: an engrossing work that draws readers into a magical realm.

The Raven clan medicine man leads each protagonist through a crisis of faith: the lawman having lost his faith in the Code, the priest his faith in God, and the saloon girl her faith in humanity. Sand pirates and Skinwalkers, mob bosses and the Red Catholic Clergy, papal assassins to Godworms, the Great Spirit and the Blood God Blot—all weave an intricate plot tapestry that builds to a crescendo and a twisted conclusion.

Author J. F. Harness is a musician, artist, and writer and has been a fan of D&D since the original RPG was started. A lifelong fan of Stephen King, Harland Ellison, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert, Michael Crichton, Gene Roddenberry, and J. R. R Tolkien, Mr. Harness embraces the concept of multiple dimensions and parallel universes and the storytelling opportunities they provide.

Harness writes, “Raising a first child was a lot more work than Cassius and Thana could have imagined. Raising the second was still a work in progress, but their third child was a walk in the park. Thana insisted that supper always be a sit-down affair with all hands present as that was how a proper family behaved. On the Sabbath, the mother put extra love and care into the meal, and everyone was expected to wear appropriate dining attire and demonstrate proper table etiquette. The rest of the time, meals were improper—an exercise in managed chaos often resulting in thrown food and occasional broken dishware. The baby had been fussy as of late, and Thana had scheduled an appointment with the pediatrician for later that day; she hoped that little Gabriel was not having another bout of anemia.”

Published by Page Publishing, J. F. Harness’s spellbinding tale is ideal for fans of D&D.

Readers who wish to experience this entertaining work can purchase “Thirst” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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