Author Kero Tomison’s New Book, “Easter,” is a Chilling and Gripping Novel About a Misunderstood Teenager with an Explosive Temper –

Aurora, CO, June 11, 2024 –(– Kero Tomison, who was born in Aurora, Colorado, has completed his new book, “Easter”: an intense novel that follows Alec’s struggle to remain calm as his stress continues to build.

Over the years, bullying and rejection have turned a once sweet boy into a time bomb fueled by insecurities and self-loathing. One of the biggest contributors to his unstable behavior, however, is his own family. On April 1, 2018, Easter, as his mother’s kinfolk arrives to celebrate the holiday, Alec is determined to fight his sinister urges despite his family’s harassment. As the day goes on, he struggles with these impulses as he avoids becoming yet another rampage killer in American history. Be that as it may, Alec isn’t the only one in his family harboring dark thoughts and fighting personal demons.

Author Kero Tomison attended the Community College of Aurora and graduated from the Colorado Film School program with an associate’s degree in writing/directing film in 2018. His passions lie in writing, but he intends to cross over to the filmmaking world where he hopes to balance creating in both mediums. He is fond of the horror genre, nine-piece metal bands, clown possies, and animals.

Tomison writes, “The tragedy that befell the Winslows and their extended family is a gruesome and unpleasant one, at best. Over the course of five years, I have taken what I have learned from diaries and entries, both digital and physical, to construct a narrative that is accurate to the personalities of each individual as well as an approximate timeline of the events that took place. I have also conducted my own separate interviews with the various residents of Thomas County and the colleagues of each person involved in this incident of misfortune to bring a much more educated look at each family member’s inner workings. Additionally, I have done extensive research using the police reports filed after the incident to further solidify the facts. These include crime scene photos, interviews with surviving family members, video evidence (where available), and floor plans of the home. I will neither confirm nor deny whether or not I may have trespassed at the crime scene on one instance or another, but it would have also proved to be essential when looking at how the events that had taken place unfolded. Some events are combined or imagined for dramatic and interpretive purposes. Furthermore, some dialogue is imagined to be consistent with these events. Be warned that what lies ahead is truly not something for the faint of heart, for what took place was an American family’s civil war.”

Published by Page Publishing, Kero Tomison’s frightening tale invites readers to discover how the Easter celebration will unfold.

Readers who wish to experience this original work can purchase “Easter” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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