Author Kevin D. Shell’s New Book, “Promise and Hope: Good News of God’s Anointed One,” is a Thorough Exploration of God’s Promise to Mankind, as Documented in Scripture –

Lafayette, IN, March 27, 2024 –(– Kevin D. Shell, who earned a PhD in Educational Psychology in 1982, has completed his new book, “Promise and Hope: Good News of God’s Anointed One”: a fascinating dive into Scripture to help readers reinvigorate their relationship with the Lord.

Raised in church his entire life, author Kevin D. Shell studied Holy Scripture from various translations, and over the years, he has taught various scriptural classes, whether studying the Scriptures in general or examining what God’s Word says concerning specific topics such as “Heaven” or “anger.” Relative to the present work, teaching portions of the book of Isaiah for a special class for three months provided the opportunity to study Isaiah and other relevant Scripture texts more thoroughly and helped answer recurring questions, specifically concerning the good news of what the Lord says about His Anointed One.

“When unexpected events cause us to question what we have previously ‘known,’ do we stop and reexamine the foundation and content of our own beliefs and values?” writes Shell. “Do we seek to learn and separate ‘truth’ and ‘facts’ (i.e., reality) from the ‘knowledge’ that we acquired simply by rote memorization or that we thought ‘felt right’ — what we wanted to be true. The most profound truth is acquired by correcting our mistakes or errors. This is especially relevant to the most crucial of life’s concerns: our spiritual health and relationship with our Maker. At times, we need to be reminded of, reeducated in, or encouraged in the basic foundations of life itself.

“Come, take a journey through God’s inspired message to mankind and experience what God has done and seen taking place over time. He welcomes and desires your accompanying presence, as well as your thoughts and questions, as you journey with Him through His story with His beloved mankind.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Kevin D. Shell’s new book will take readers on an eye-opening journey through Scripture in a new and inventive way that will help them to discover the incredible blessings God has delivered upon, as well as the promises yet to be fulfilled. Drawing upon the author’s years of research and studying of the Holy Bible, “Promises and Hope” is sure to resonate with readers from all walks of life, helping them become closer to the Lord and gain a better understanding of His plans for humanity.

Readers can purchase “Promise and Hope: Good News of God’s Anointed One” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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