Author Lauren Filter’s New Book, “Horses Healing Hearts,” is a Poignant Look at the Extraordinary Experiences That Can Occur When Horses and Humans Connect –

Billings, MT, May 14, 2024 –(– Lauren Filter, a successful and accomplished business owner, entrepreneur, and horsewoman, has completed her new book, “Horses Healing Hearts”: a powerful and engaging look at the incredible connections that horses and humans can make, reflected in the author’s memoir that looks back on the ways in which her life has been influenced by her relationships with horses and the lasting life lessons they imparted on her.

Having been actively involved in the equine world for most of her life, author Lauren Filter has immersed herself in the routine of the barn and endless learning about horsemanship and the industry. She spent more than a decade after graduating from high school dedicated to the mastery of emergency medicine, and worked her way through EMT and paramedic school, completing her international board certification exam for flight paramedic just ten years after finishing her initial EMT class. Through working in various barns, owning and boarding her own horses, training and showing horses with multiple trainers over the years, and observing the industry during that time, Lauren identified a need for strong business leadership. She completed her bachelor’s degree in business and continues to absorb as much information as she can about best business practices. Today, she applies all those lessons toward coaching individuals and small businesses to pursue the life of their dreams, not letting fears or excuses get in the way.

“Horses are wonderful mirrors and teachers—often seeing, feeling, and understanding more than any other human,” shares Lauren. “They help humans process through trauma and tragedy, healing from hardships and heartaches. Horses are big, powerful, and majestic flight animals that truly want a deep relationship and a sincere connection with other beings. When they are out in the wild, horses have their herd. When they are domesticated, people become their herd and, in turn, must step into a leadership role for them. The crucial skills in this book have helped countless first responders, veterans, teachers, modern-day heroes, moms, dads, and people of every age tap into the transformative powers of these graceful creatures through generations of personal, political, economic, and societal unrest.”

Published by Hawes & Jenkins Publishing, Lauren Filter’s heartfelt tale draws upon the author’s own personal experiences with horses to deliver an impactful message on the ways in which horses can help humans who are willing to connect and communicate with them through training and care. Eye-opening and compelling, “Horses Healing Hearts” will help introduce readers to a healthy coping mechanism and a positive outlet that is sure to leave a lasting impression on those willing to open themselves up to a new method of healing.

Readers who wish to experience this gripping work can purchase “Horses Healing Hearts” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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