Author Mack Ott’s New Book, “Property V. Equality: America’s Enduring Political Rivalry,” Explores the Tension from Before America’s Inception Between Property & Equality –

Silver Spring, MD, January 17, 2024 –(– Mack Ott, an international economic consultant, has completed his new book, “Property v. Equality: America’s Enduring Political Rivalry”: an enlightening read that weaves the history of America’s democracy with the evolution of its political parties, the role of voting, and its government and its institutions with the central concern for the evolving tension of equal liberty with various and different levels of property.

Author Mack Ott has been a policy advisor to more than thirty countries, including Nigeria, the Marshall Islands, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and Cambodia. He has been an economics professor at Virginia Tech, Penn State University, University of Michigan, and American University in the United States and Tbilisi State University, Erasmus University, the Institute for Higher Finance, St. Petersburg. The author earned his PhD from University of California, Los Angeles. His first book, “The Political Economy of Nation Building,” the World’s Unfinished Business, was published in 2012. Sadly, Mack Ott died in May 2022 due to complications from Lewy body dementia, and this book was published by his family to honor his legacy.

Mack writes, “Throughout this book, the focus is on the evolution of the two-party American political system and how this system has developed over more than two centuries and through six political systems, starting with the Federalists under the new Constitution and President Adams, post-Washington, in 1796. While the issues that define the two political parties have swapped more than once over time, the issues themselves have to a large extent remained the same and, in particular, have sustained a conflict, a rivalry between property rights and equality. Particularly since the enactment of the Sixteenth Amendment in 1913—making lawful the income tax, replacing the regressive array of tariffs and excises that had financed the federal government with a progressive income tax—the role and scope of the federal government has vastly expanded to achieve both.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Mack Ott’s comprehensive writings outline the forces that led to the slower growth of population, the labor force, capital formation and innovation in the first two decades of this century, forces that threaten the advance of liberty and equality in the future and the growth of federal revenue necessary for the continuation of a larger Federal role in that struggle. Drawing on years of research and both professional and personal observations, Mack reveals how, despite these ongoing issues plaguing the American people, there is some hope through the universal basic income approach, which just might provide a floor for future gains in income.

Readers who wish to experience this thought-provoking work can purchase “Property v. Equality: America’s Enduring Political Rivalry” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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