Author Marolyn Caldwell’s New Book, “The Compact: Book 3,” the Continuation of the “Battle of Wills” Series, Finds the Heroes with One Final Chance to Win Over Evil –

Geneva, NY, March 28, 2024 –(– Marolyn Caldwell, who grew up in a college town called Manhattan, located in the very heart of the Kansas Flint Hills, where her father was a chemistry teacher at Kansas State, has completed her new book, “The Compact: Book 3”: a potent novel that takes readers back into the world of the “Battle of Wills” series.

The bad guys are rich, powerful, and in control of almost everything, but that doesn’t make them smart. Their evil founding document enslaves families in perpetuity—but there’s a catch. Jeff, Lorie, and the gang fight to overcome the evil once and for all.

Author Marolyn Caldwell has been writing mystery stories since she could pick up a pencil. She didn’t sell her first book until she found out many years and many states later, while she was living in Washington, DC, about romance and mystery writers’ conventions. When she was informed that a convention calling itself Malice Domestic was being introduced in Bethesda, Maryland, she immediately signed up. There she met an editor who was looking for romantic mysteries. “Flight into Danger” and “Whirlwind” were subsequently published by Walker & Co.

Marolyn volunteered for a board position on the planning staff of the second Malice Domestic Convention and was a member of that board for many years. When she retired from years of being a legal secretary, she moved back to her birthplace in the Kansas version of Manhattan, where she discovered to her delight that the Carnegie Library she had so loved when she was a child was just reaching its centennial year. She proposed a Midwest mystery convention to the board of directors, got the go-ahead, gathered up a lot of enthusiastic volunteers who had no idea what they were in for, incorporated the Great Manhattan Mystery Conclave, and for six years spent her time in bliss meeting mystery writers from both sides of the country, listening to their wit and wisdom, and learning ever so much about the craft and business of writing. The ideas behind “Battle of Wills” and its two successors predate all those conventions, drawing as they do from a family history that isn’t quite spoken about but being inspired by the tales that she has uncovered in researching especially her mother’s family, quiet farm people who were very resourceful. They lived on the banks of the Ohio River in Kentucky and ran a very accommodating ferryboat across the river—until their town was burned to the ground by Morgan’s Raiders, which was why they ended up living in Kansas where Marolyn was born.

Marolyn writes, “The older man’s face reflected relief at knowing he had been heard and his advice taken seriously. ‘And this is the way we’ll do it,’ her husband continued. ‘Jeb, you folks get yourselves packed up into one of the small horse vans. Sam, do you have one that’s suitable?’ At Sam’s quick nod, Jeff continued, ‘Load Ravenwing and his favorite mare while you’re still inside the barn so no one knows he’s going with you. Once you drive out, be casual—stopping here, stopping there—like you’re shopping for the farm or grabbing some grub. Don’t let anyone suspect you’re doing anything but routine errands. Take woodland roads. Pause under cover of trees occasionally and check to see if you’re still being spied on. If you’re not, full speed ahead. If I know how to gauge the mileage, it’ll be an all-nighter and some more for you folks. We’ll follow tomorrow.’ He looked long at Lorie, his expression one of determination tinged with regret.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Marolyn Caldwell’s gripping tale invites readers to discover whether Jeff, Lorie, and the gang can successfully defeat evil.

Readers who wish to experience this creative work can purchase “The Compact: Book 3” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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