Author Min. Jesus Muhammad-Ali’s New Book, “The Evolution of the Nation of Islam: With a 50-Year Global Political View,” Explores the Current State of the Nation of Islam –

Detroit, MI, November 22, 2023 –(– Min. Jesus Muhammad-Ali, an accomplished portrait artist, Particle Theorist, and son of the late good-will Ambassador, Jabir Herbert Muhammad, has completed his new book, “The Evolution of the Nation of Islam: With a 50-Year Global Political View”: a fascinating overview of the current state of the Nation of Islam both globally and domestically, as well as a look at the life and times of the author’s grandfather, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, an American religious leader who led the Nation of Islam from 1934 until his death in 1975.

“From a Chicago Hospital brought Home on a hot summer’s day from Louis Memorial Hospital (at 10 days old to my Grandparents) where we lived to witness the levels of endearment shown by my parents, and the hundreds of thousands who followed him,” shares the author. “As a young man who grew up to feel privileged to find myself in his company, of the Most Elijah Muhammad (May Allah, be pleased with him), the man to whom I addressed humility by the title of Grandpa.

“Standing at his side, unflinching on duty for hours focused on the mood and disposition of the hundreds or even thousands gathered with baited breath focused upon his every word. His authority was met with interruptions of a thunderous standing ovation of applause. He carefully chose to articulate his delivery of a Sunday afternoon or during a National Convention. Perhaps, the time spent at his side during the undertaking of my duties constituted by a typical twelve (12) to sixteen (16) plus hour day. Be it his saying: ‘Rack-these whiskers off my face’ on my very first day or when serving as his Chauffer told: ‘Trot out some of those horses!’ Given permission to weigh-in on discussions at his dinner table, in lavishly appointed Moroccan mote’ of the Hyde Park Palace, either aboard his private jet, or in one of his villas in the mountains just outside Mexico City which set the tone for an understanding of: ‘The Lord is my Sheppard, and I shall not want.’”

Published by Page Publishing, Min. Jesus Muhammad-Ali’s engaging tale offers both a personal and historic perspective on the current state of the Nation of Islam, and how its message and vision have shifted in modern times since the passing of the author’s grandfather. Through his writings, the author aims to provide a national and oftentimes international viewpoint, while disclosing little known theological prospects into science and technology and giving review to the direction of America’s moral and political compass.

Readers who wish to experience this enlightening work can purchase “The Evolution of the Nation of Islam: With a 50-Year Global Political View” online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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