Author Otis L Lee Jr.’s New Audiobook, “The Last Train From Djibouti,” Follows Two African American Women Who Travel to Africa Looking to Find Their Lost Heritage –

Charlottesville, VA, March 19, 2024 –(– Otis L Lee Jr. has completed his new audiobook, “The Last Train From Djibouti: Africa Beckons Me, But America is My Home”: a compelling and thought-provoking novel inspired by the true story of two women who journey through Africa in order to reconnect with their roots and discover a lost heritage in order to truly find themselves.

Based on the true experiences of Dr. Michelle Palmer Lee and her mentor, Dr. Harriett F. Karuhije, “The Last Train From Djibouti” follows two women on a life-changing adventure as they travel separately to the Motherland, determined to find Africa and themselves. What they find is nothing like what they expected. As these two women grapple with questions of identity and character, what emerges is a larger picture of what it means to undertake an “unrequited return.” Weaving entries from Michelle’s journal and Harriett’s observations together with his own research and experience, Otis depicts a microcosm of the African American struggle to find roots in a culture that has been upended, shipped overseas, and become something new.

Otis shares, “What I have presented herein are two case histories, i.e. two personal experiences that enable a broader discussion of the implication and themes that eruct from these experiences related to the view of Africa by these two African-Americans and their perspectives about their relationship to America surveyed from Africa. The characters in this story are real. And the events that they experienced are real; however, I have creatively interspersed fictionalized elements to create a story rather than a chronology of events.”

Published by Audiobook Network, author Otis L Lee Jr.’s new audiobook will take listeners on a powerful journey as both women find pleasure and disappointment in their travels, growing as people and as Americans through the realization that though there is an indissoluble connection between their ancestry in Africa and their status as African Americans, America is their home.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “The Last Train From Djibouti: Africa Beckons Me, But America is My Home” by Otis L Lee Jr. through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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