Author Pamela Vann’s New Book, “Servant Leader,” is a Powerful Look at What It Means to Answer God’s Calling to Live One’s Life as a Servant Leader for His Church –

Hampton, VA, May 03, 2024 –(– Pamela Vann has completed her new book, “Servant Leader”: a poignant and thought-provoking look at what it means to be a true servant of God, providing advice and knowledge drawn from the author’s own experiences to help those who have been called to be servant leaders to navigate their path chosen for them by God.

Born in Millington, Tennessee, in a small town outside of Memphis, author Pamela Vann understood at an early age the power of God. She has been a servant in her community and in her church for over twenty years, bringing a host of knowledge and insight into the paths of serving as a leader. Currently, Pamela works as an advocate to serve disenfranchised populations. She truly believes the world can and will become a better place when servants of God lead in their highest calling.

Vann’s book, “Servant Leader,” has the master key to open the door for God’s people, knowing they have been called to be servant leaders. In this very practical script, the author takes the reader on a life journey. Servants of God can and will find new and fresh revelations in this book. Servant leaders will locate hidden treasures prompting people of God to want more of the Holy Spirit.

“In the spiritual realm, servant leaders chosen by God do not resemble the rest of the servants,” writes Vann. “The servant leaders chosen by God do not call themselves pastors, evangelists, ministers, deacons, or elders. They prefer the name servant while proceeding to complete the work of God. Birthing a servant leader in the church takes a person whose main focus is serving and not on titles.

“As a small child in Millington, Tennessee, I would go to church seven days a week with my uncle and auntie. After the divorce of my parents, we moved to Springfield, Missouri. In the Ozarks, a lady by the name of Deana Young would pick up children from poverty areas and bring them to church. At that point, I was able to see the love and compassion shown by serving people from oppressed populations. Once I reached adulthood, I decided to go into the field of serving the community. I took a position in a hospital environment in Arizona.

“I joined a church and decided to serve while giving back to the community. The pastor of the church, Amos L. Lewis, operated with excellence and gave me the opportunity to serve at his church. In this environment, I signed up to be on the prayer team. As a small child in poverty, I understood the power of prayer when that was the only option to make ends meet. It was a miracle by God. I enjoyed going to church and serving in God’s presence.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Pamela Vann’s new book is a vital tool for those who have been called by God to serve his people and their community and will help readers better understand what a life in service to God is truly like.

Readers can purchase “Servant Leader” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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