Author Rex J. Fleming’s New Book, “Our Cold Climate Transition: Implications for Society’s Energy Systems,” Explores Truths About the Climate Change –

Broomfield, CO, May 10, 2024 –(– Dr. Rex J. Fleming, who received his BS degree from. Creighton University with a major in mathematics, went on to obtain a MS and PhD from the University of Michigan in the field of atmospheric science. He has over fifty years of experience in weather and climate research. He has completed his new book, “Our Cold Climate Transition: Implications for Society’s Energy Systems.” This book is extremely relevant now in revealing both sides of an extremely important debate. The world’s entire population is currently divided now with two opposite opinions on what will be the future of Earth’s climate.

This latest book is a fascinating and extremely timely document that brings together both sides of the most serious international debate of the status of the world’s future climate. The world’s entire population is currently divided with two opposite opinions. This book reveals the arguments on both sides of the debate — with approximately half of the world’s population having been led to believe that the Earth’s climate will eventually become so hot due to the burning of fossil fuels that the Earth will become a “five alarm fire.” The other half of the world’s population reject this hypothesis and claim that the Earth’s climate will continue to oscillate between cold and warm conditions as it has for the past four billion years.

The outcome of this debate is extremely serious as the warming issue is being pushed by the United Nations and their solution is to stop all burning of fossil fuel (coal, oil and gas). It will be shown that the elimination of fossil fuels is not necessary, that the attempt to do so would place a serious burden on society: that the past warm climate periods have been extremely good for society; and that the cold periods (a few of which have placed severe effects on society with famine as a major killer) will require the use of fossil fuels to help avoid such famines.

A rather complete evaluation of various coming energy systems is provided including all those in use today and a variety of future systems that are currently being developed. The energy systems include the renewable energy systems, various nuclear energy systems (those in use today along with some changes), and nuclear fusion systems being developed.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an important asset for Earth. It has never caused warming or cooling of Earth’s climate. Those factors that do affect climate changes are reviewed in Fleming’s book. These include the various solar effects and other factors within the solar system and within the universe.

CO2 is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. Plants absorb CO2 and emit oxygen to our advantage. Humans and animals breathe oxygen and emit CO2 as a waste product. CO2 is a nutrient, not a pollutant, and all life—plants and animals—will benefit from more of it. All life on Earth is carbon based, and CO2 is an essential ingredient.

The book covers areas of special concern that soon will be of interest to all of us: climate changes over the past eleven thousand years, the details of the Modern Warming, how the global warming hysteria began, and why it is still here. There are a few other important topics.

Readers who wish to experience this pervasive work can purchase “Our Cold Climate Transition: Implications for Society’s Energy Systems.” The book is available at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. (Published by Newman Springs Publishing (for additional information contact 732-243-8512.)