Author Richard Billberry Jr.’s New Book, “Looking at Lyphe Differently,” is a Compelling Story That Follows One Young Man’s Journey to Escape a Life on the Streets –

Los Angeles, CA, March 01, 2024 –(– Richard Billberry Jr., who was born in Kansas City, Kansas, has completed his new book, “Looking at Lyphe Differently”: a gripping drama that follows the life and times of a young man named Philthe who, after growing up on the difficult streets of Kansas City, was forced to either overcome the trials he faced to a build a life of success, or succumb to the dangerous life that raised him.

“Philthe would have to deal with the struggles of life,” writes Billberry Jr. “Growing up not knowing who his father was. Living in low-income housing projects with no stability. Having to always move from place to place so much that he couldn’t get comfortable with the thought of keeping friends. Finding out at a young age that people will come in and out of your life for a season or for a reason. Dealing with mental health issues that doctors or people really didn’t put on a person as much as going around today. If an issue arose in that era, you kept it to yourself and tried to put it behind you or figured it out without popping a pill. Some would say that a pill will solve all your problems. The result of that is that one pill was to solve your dilemma but brought about several issues along with the original.”

The author continues, “Most people will experience death once in a lifetime for themselves and will encounter many others throughout their time on earth. You are born to live and live to die. You will either complete your mission on earth or will be someone else’s wake-up call. There are one of three places that you will go after your soul leaves your body: up to the sky, down underground, or you were destined to walk the earth until you completed the task you agreed upon before touching the soil of the earth. Some would say that a child has been here before by certain actions which they would present that only an experienced person would know about. Some would search for their purpose in life. Some would stumble upon it, and others will never know. Some are visionaries that can see their or others’ paths. There are also some that turn their heads to the thoughts of knowing what’s to come. We all have choices in life. Some are temporary. Some are permanent. Some are good. Some are bad. You just have to live with the direction you choose!”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Richard Billberry Jr.’s harrowing tale will take readers on an unforgettable ride as they follow Philthe’s journey to find his place in the world despite the setbacks he faced due to the circumstances of his birth. Expertly paced and heartfelt, Billberry Jr. weaves a poignant, character-driven story of hope in the face of struggle that is sure to leave readers spellbound right up until the very end.

Readers who wish to experience this irreverent work can purchase “Looking at Lyphe Differently” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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