Author T.G. Baker’s New Book, “Diary of a Las Vegas Waitress,” Stirs Up More Than Just Coffee –

New York, NY, January 15, 2024 –(– T.G. Baker practices enlightened dining and invites readers to be active participants with her completed book, “Diary of a Las Vegas Waitress: Serving Up Awareness:” a fascinating read designed to examine, explain, and possibly improve upon relational dynamics between customers and food servers while maintaining a sense of humor throughout the process. Moreover, this book goes beyond customer and food server interaction and dives into the fascinating intersection of the food hospitality industry and media. Using an anthropological lens, the book delves into how media impacts the industry and interpersonal relationships in general.

Society has never been more polarized than today, and it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. The author serves up a strong voice for the two million plus underrepresented food servers employed in Las Vegas and around the country. And she is spreading awareness to the entire food nation of one hundred and fifty million foodies who dine out every week. But this book isn’t just for foodies and food servers. It’s for anyone exposed to media influences, which is everyone. It provokes thought and opens our eyes to the cultivation brought on by what we see and hear on our screens. This book peels back the layers, offering a deeper understanding of the connections between media cultivation and consumer behavior.

Born and raised in a small province in Thailand, T.G. Baker was raised by her grandparents and worked for her family’s general store located downstairs from where she and her family lived. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in communication, she visited the US in 2006 and began seeking the American dream. Baker started working as a Las Vegas waitress in 2007 while struggling through language school to learn English. Now a naturalized citizen, whenever Baker is not working as a waitress, she serves up delicious works of art. Her passion for baking, cake decorating, and creating lavish desserts is insatiable. From her personal experiences, she has developed a keen philosophy and practice in her temporary roles as a food server, customer, and fellow citizen. Baker’s motto and trademark are “Make life a piece of cake.”

“If there were ever a time to recommend a special of the day, this book is the red, white, and blue-plate special Americans need to order,” writes Baker. “This diary reveals the cause, diagnosis, and remedy for ‘VIP Syndrome,’ a food server’s greatest occupational hazard. Learn the symptoms of VIP Syndrome, avoid becoming infected, and discover how to cure it. Read about a former president, an online shoe company CEO, and others who suffer from this illness. Feed your curiosity with this prescriptive non-fiction that uses food, film, and folly to explain today’s cultural influences and how they impact the food and hospitality industry like a virus. Do you suffer from VIP Syndrome or know someone who does? This book provides medicinal food for thought with a side of humor, as laughter is the best medicine.”

Published by Page Publishing, T.G. Baker’s engaging tale invites readers to indulge in a smorgasbord of information and intrigue that will help them gain a better perspective on life and leisure by experiencing dining from both sides of the table. Through her writings, Baker hopes to educate her readers on media literacy, engage them in mindfulness, and encourage the practice of enlightened dining to help make it a new standard of dining out in America.

Readers who wish to experience this insightful work can purchase “Diary of a Las Vegas Waitress: Serving Up Awareness” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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