Author Terri Rice’s New Book, “Chinchillas,” is a Heartwarming Series of Fascinating Facts Surrounding Chinchillas to Help Readers Prepare to Care for Them as Pets –

Salida, CO, May 31, 2024 –(– Terri Rice, a very active grandmother who lives in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, where she crafts, reads, and writes, has completed her new book, “Chinchillas”: a captivating dive into chinchillas, including what makes them so fascinating, where they come from, and how readers can care for one as a pet.

Rice begins her book, “Chinchillas are native to the Andes Mountains which are in the country of Chili. The name Chinchilla means ‘Little Chinchilla,’ which is after the Chincha people of the Andes, who wore Chinchilla fur to show how important Chinchillas were to them. An American mining engineer named Mathias Chapman received permission to bring eleven chinchillas to America in 1923.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Terri Rice’s new book is dedicated to the author’s granddaughter, Kadence, whose favorite animals are chinchillas and inspired the author to share facts about them with others. With adorable photographs of chinchillas to accompany each new fact, “Chinchillas” will help readers celebrate these wondrous creatures and prepare to welcome these furry friends into their homes, offering guidance on everything from suitable habitats and dietary needs to socialization and health maintenance.

Readers can purchase “Chinchillas” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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