Author William Davis’s New Book, “The History of Jesus: The Bible in a Nutshell,” is a Straightforward Summary of God’s Scripture for Those Who Have Never Read the Bible –

Denham Springs, LA, May 13, 2024 –(– William Davis, a retired army officer who holds a master’s degree from central Michigan University in business management and has been a follower of Christ since his preteen years, has completed his new book, “The History of Jesus: The Bible in a Nutshell”: a summary of every book in the Old and New Testaments to help readers who have been reluctant to read the Bible truly understand and come to appreciate the Word of God.

“The Bible is a cornucopia of people exhibiting every character trait imaginable,” writes Davis. “An easy and informative read, there is mystery, intrigue, love, hate, deceit, and jealousy in the journey from Adam in the beginning (Genesis) to the birth of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. The entire Old Testament is the prelude to the coming of the Messiah, whom God sends to redeem the world from their sins. God uses all sorts of people, evil and good, to accomplish his purpose—that is, to bring all of mankind into a loving relationship with him.

“There is all manner of sin in the ancestry of Jesus, but Jesus, being God incarnate, is perfect, and He shows us how we should live to be right with God. The New Testament reveals the birth, life and death on the cross, of the Savior and the establishment of his church on earth. While most Bible scholars agree that the Bible is organized according to genre, history, law, poetry, and prophecy, this book makes the case for its organization according to the genealogy of Christ.

“From Adam through Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, the Jews enslaved in Egypt for four hundred years, and Moses, being a type of Christ, leading them out of Egypt to the Promise Land, God giving Moses the Ten Commandments, to David who was guilty of adultery and murder, and the prophets, this book reveals how the Bible’s organization follows very closely the genealogy of Jesus. And this genealogy leads to the culmination of the Bible, the birth and life of Jesus Christ, whom God sent to be the propitiation for our sins. This book is God’s love letter to us.”

Published by Hawes & Jenkins Publishing, William Davis’s enlightening tale is the perfect tool to help bring the Bible to life in an easy and comprehensible way for those who may have believed it to be too difficult to understand. Thought-provoking and engaging, “The History of Jesus” will help encourage readers of all faiths and backgrounds to dig deep into God’s Word and discover God’s message of love that is available to all his children.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “The History of Jesus: The Bible in a Nutshell” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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