Author Winston Langley’s New Book, “Moral Courage and Truthfulness: Kazi Nazrul Islam,” Explores the Works of the Rebel Poet and His Views on Truth and Moral Courage –

Arlington, MA, March 26, 2024 –(– Winston Langley, professor emeritus of political science and international relations at the University of Massachusetts Boston, has completed his new book, “Moral Courage and Truthfulness: Kazi Nazrul Islam”: an elaboration of a short play about the vital importance of truthfulness in the lives and well-being of individuals, while also highlighting the lack of moral courage that continues to pervade modern society.

For over thirty years, author Winston E. Langley taught at the University of Massachusetts Boston and served as provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs for nearly ten years. He has traveled and published widely and been the recipient of prizes including Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Award in the area of human rights for his book, “Women’s Rights in the United States,” and he is the recent author of works such as “Human Rights in Turkey” and “War Between US and China.” His earlier work on Kazi Nazrul Islam is “Kazi Nazrul Islam: The Voice of Poetry and the Search for Human Wholeness.”

“Great moral teachers (Buddha, Confucius, Gandhi, Jesus, King, Lao Tzu, and Socrates, among others) have done that teaching through narratives—essays, novels, parables, plays, short stories, speeches, etc.—to convey meanings,” writes Langley. “Nazrul, a great teacher in his own right, used many forms of narratives including the play entitled ‘Truthfulness,’ which will be included as the first chapter of the book. We include it in its entirety as the first chapter of the volume so that readers can more carefully follow the thrust of the analyses and arguments that shape the work.

“The primary claim of the book is that Nazrul sought to use the play to focus on the importance of truth and the condition of truthfulness in society. As important, perhaps more so, from the standpoint of certain ideological orientations, is the lesson of the need to take risks (social, personal, professional, and political) to exhibit moral courage if we are to preserve our humanity.

“Because no play by any artist can be properly understood if there were no associated context beyond the specific work of art that is being examined, I have included in this book other works of Nazrul that I consider to have a direct bearing on the subject matter of the play. So readers will find references to a number of poems that can help illuminate the play and, hopefully, give force to the argument that is being developed.”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Winston Langley’s enlightening book will help readers better understand how an absence of moral courage has impacted the world for centuries, leading to death and destruction that is still ever-present in modern society. Through his writings, Langley hopes to inspire readers to further their study of Nazrul’s works, expanding their horizons to his teachings and philosophy.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Moral Courage and Truthfulness: Kazi Nazrul Islam” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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