Authors Robert Nelson and Ronald Nelson’s New Audiobook, “We’re Not Soldiers,” Tells of One Man’s Journey to Keep His Family and Community Safe Following a Plague –

Eugene, OR, July 02, 2024 –(– Robert Nelson and Ronald Nelson, two brothers who were born and raised in Oregon, have completed their new audiobook, “We’re Not Soldiers”: a gripping saga that follows one man’s journey to guide his family towards safety amidst a horrific plague that has destroyed society and a dangerous cult-like group intent on destroying them.

In a truly unique collaboration, brothers Robert and Ronald Nelson combine their imagination and insight to create a powerful story of hope and survival. Robert, a lover of action films, brings his life experience as a husband and father of twelve children to his writing, and Ronald brings unique insight into the human condition through his vocation as a Catholic priest. Both are men of faith whose lives have taken drastically different directions. Robert thrives in the lively atmosphere of family life, and Ronald, in between his many duties in ministry, enjoys dabbling in musical composition, writing, or just spending some quiet time alone.

Robert and Ronald writes, “Imagine a world where the COVID-19 virus turned out to be something much worse, a modern plague of biblical proportions. In a little farming town in Oregon, John Fide and his family find themselves in just such a scenario. One terrible day, John finds himself surrounded by death, and the entire world is devastated by the modern-day plague. The majority of the population throughout the world has been taken by the plague. Inexplicably, John and his family seem immune to the plague.

“Suddenly, all the things that John and his family had relied on are useless: money, credit cards, cell phones, and computers. The whole infrastructure of society is gone. Soon there is no electricity, and water no longer flows through the faucets. There is no longer a government; there are no police or emergency personnel that can be called upon for help. Now, John and his family can only rely on themselves, their faith, and their own ingenuity to survive.

“However, as if the struggle to survive after the plague is not enough, there is a growing evil on the horizon that is threatening to take away all that they have built, threatening even to take their lives. Through triumph and tragedy, and a little help from above, John must find a way to protect those he loves while holding on to his faith, his humor, his integrity, and his sanity in a dog-eat-dog world.”

Published by Audiobook Network, authors Robert Nelson and Ronald Nelson’s new audiobook will take listeners on a heart pounding ride as they follow John’s desperate plight to keep his family alive and protect the ones that he loves from both the virus and humans alike. Thought-provoking and full of suspense, “We’re Not Soldiers” is a stunningly human story that is sure to resonate with listeners from all walks of life, remaining with them long after its shocking conclusion.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of “We’re Not Soldiers” by Robert Nelson and Ronald Nelson through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon.

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